Pro Tapes® Expands its Partnership in 5th Year with Youth-Based Entrepreneurship Program, “Minding Our Business”

Pro Tapes & Specialties® is excited to announce that we will enter into our 5th year of partnership with Minding Our Business, one of the premier youth entrepreneurship training programs in the country.

Year Five will be a special year for our partnership, as we help the Minding Our Business program expand to include business mentoring and business networking to their already robust entrepreneur training curriculum.

Since its inception at Rider University in 1997,

Minding Our Business has been successfully providing at-risk youth in historically underserved communities in New Jersey with education and training about business, money management, and entrepreneurship. To date, the Minding Our Business program has served over 5,500 young men and women with training opportunities.

Pro Tapes® guiding principles are built on maintaining a strong sense of social responsibility. The serious issues that we, as a nation, face today are a reflection of an economy that has allowed too many Americans to fall behind. In order to build a more inclusive economy, we must provide more educational opportunities for low-income communities and people of color, but also provide access to the businesses that would most benefit from this education.

The educational opportunities offered by the Minding Our Business program are truly unique.

They go beyond the traditional business-based lessons involving accounting, marketing, and finance.

The expanded Minding Our Business program offers access to business networking, access to internship programs, and the ability to hone interviewing skills. Understanding how to build & operate a business are indeed valuable skills to process, but understanding how to gain access to the business arena is a game changer. Having the skills and knowledge are only a part of the equation; knowing how to gain access to the business arena is the total package.

Pro Tapes® is excited about the possibilities our 5th year of partnership with Minding Our Business will create.

Many companies are looking for ways to help affect positive change, and I know of no better way than to help to build a more inclusive economy.

I would encourage other corporations to join us in supporting programs like Minding Our Business, they do fantastic work and could use your help. Visit their website here to learn more.

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