UGlu Summer Balloon Art Contest 2021

UGlu® Summer Balloon Art Contest by Pro Tapes®

This balloon art contest is now completed as of June 25, 2021. Check out the winners below & stay tuned for future contests!

The WINNERS of our UGlu® Summer Balloon Art Contest!

We want to thank EVERYONE again who participated in our first ever UGlu® Themed contest! We received so many incredible entries! It was truly difficult for our team to select our top favorites from so much talent.

With that said, there can only be 3 top prize winners – but we chose some Honorable Mentions as well!

Discover the winners and check out their wonderful balloon art below:

1st Place Winner of our UGlu Summer Balloon Art Contest is Miriam Barajas Carmona of BalloonsHandByHand

1st Place: Miriam Barajas Carmona

CONGRATULATIONS Miriam, our top prize winner of the UGlu® Summer Balloon Art Contest, and the first ever winner of a UGlu® contest held by us here at Pro Tapes®!

What an incredibly colorful and lively balloon arrangement, and what a great photo of her work, too! The bright colors, neatness, professional design, and overall conformity to the Summer theme is what made Miriam’s entry a smashing success.

Here’s what Miriam had to say about her submission:

“My project is based on the theme of Aloha. It is a garland and a balloon with the number 50 (a very special age to continue celebrating!) It includes many blooming colors. The garland has many small balloons, and that is where I always use Pro Tapes® products. I used UGlu® in the balloons on the base part of the number 50 and I also used them to hold the small balloons together and to glue all the flowers and leaves. UGlu® saves me so much work; it does everything! UGlu® keeps each balloon in place even when they are in this parallel position.”

As the first place winner, Miriam will be receiving:

  • One (1) UGlu® T-Shirt 
  • UGlu® Sample Product Kit (contains several samples of products from our UGlu® product line)
  • UGlu® coffee mug

To see more of Miriam’s work, visit her Instagram at @balloonshandbyhand

2nd Place Winner of our UGlu Summer Balloon Art Contest is Arlette Garcia of CandyCoutureEvents

2nd Place: Arlette Garcia

Speaking of aloha – or do we mean ohana?- CONGRATULATIONS to our 2nd prize winner, Arlette! Lilo & Stitch is a classic summer movie with its Hawaiian setting full of beaches and surfing. Who wouldn’t be charmed by this Stitch-themed balloon arrangement?

Here’s what Arlette had to say about UGlu®:

“I use UGlu® on all of my balloon garlands, balloon bouquets, and flower arrangements – I use them on everything!!”

As the second place winner, Arlette will be receiving:

  • One (1) UGlu® Tshirt
  • UGlu® Sample Product Kit
  • UGlu® coffee mug

To see more of Arlette’s work, visit her Instagram at @CandyCoutureEvents

3rd Place Winner of our UGlu Summer Balloon Art Contest is BalloonLadiesCo

3rd Place: Balloon Ladies Co

CONGRATULATIONS to our third prize winner, the ladies of Balloon Ladies Co! We were blown away by the sheer size and beautiful arrangement of this balloon arch. The muted summer-y colors, flowers and tassels are sure to make any outdoor gathering a hit!

Here’s what they had to say about our Pro Tapes® products and their passion for balloon art:

“We love to express our creativity through our balloon installations. We love customizing latex balloon colors & incorporating details such as florals & foil balloons to them. Pro Tapes® products such as Pro Gaff® tape, UGlu®, & Pro® Duct tape are our holy grail items & are staple products that we always have in our tool box. These Pro Tapes® items have helped us add on details to our installations with ease. We love the quality of each product & we never have to question the longevity of it. They have been a complete game changer.”

As the third place winners, Balloon Ladies Co will be receiving:

  • One (1) UGlu® Tshirt (per person)
  • One (1) package of UGlu® 6501000 (1,000 Count Roll of Dashes)
  • UGlu® coffee mug (per person)

To see more of their work, visit their Instagram at @BalloonLadiesCo

The Honorable Mention Winners of our UGlu Summer Balloon Art Contest

Honorable Mentions

With so many fantastic entries, it was difficult to choose just three winners! That is why we are highlighting three additional honorable mentions; congratulations to you all!

Winners of the Honorable Mention category will be receiving:

  • One (1) UGlu® Tshirt
  • UGlu® coffee mug

To see more of their work:

This contest is now completed and no more entries will be accepted.

However, you can still read about the contest below & get inspired for FUTURE UGlu® contests…!

Summer is almost here, and we’re celebrating with a GIVEAWAY CONTEST! If you’re a party décor professional or a passionate balloon artist, this is the art contest for you! Enter to win fabulous prizes, including a sample box of our #1 Product for balloons: UGlu®. Learn more in this post!

How do I Participate in this Balloon Art Contest?

You must design a Summer-themed balloon arrangement! Your balloon arrangement can be anything: an arch, a hoop, or a balloon sculpture – let your imagination guide you!

Winners will receive UGlu® product samples and branded merchandise, and will have photos of their winning work posted on our social media and blog.

ESPAÑOL: Para obtener detalles del concurso en español, consulte la parte inferior de esta publicación de blog.

Contest Rules:

  • Must follow the steps for “How to Enter” described below
  • Must submit photos of your balloon arrangement no later than June 25, 2021
  • Winners must be of legal age for entry (at least 18 years old)

Criteria for Judging Your Balloon Arrangement:

Your balloon arrangement must fit the “Summer” Theme:

  • Uses visual themes or activities commonly related to the summer season; i.e. visiting the beach or the pool, travel to exotic destinations, BBQs and picnics, flowers and nature, etc.
  • Can also include a secondary theme, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc.

Required materials for your balloon arrangement:

  • Must use UGlu® products to create your balloon arrangements.
  • You can use any combination of balloon products and other decorative elements that you prefer, but balloons must be a main element of your design. You can make any kind of balloon arrangement: an arch, a hoop, a sculpture – let your imagination run wild!
  • We highly encourage you to use other Pro Tapes® products, such as Pro Gaff® or Pro® 46, to create your balloon arrangement as well (but it is NOT required.)

Winners will be selected by a panel of Pro Tapes® experts from the Sales and Marketing departments.

Questions? Email us at

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