Pro Tapes® Supports the Entertainment Industry with New Investments

Professionals in the Entertainment Industry know and love Pro Tapes® for our high quality adhesive tape solutions, like our best-selling Pro Gaff®.  But there’s a lot more that Pro Tapes® provides to the Entertainment Industry, especially today!

With the Entertainment Industry recovering from the effects of the pandemic, touring, events, and film productions are re-opening around the world. There is a renewed, even increasing, demand for adhesive tape expendables.

But with recent supply chain crises and raw material shortages, the management team at Pro Tapes® understood that we would need to invest in new and improved solutions to remain a dependable supplier.

That is why Pro Tapes® leadership has recently invested in technology and productivity across our company in order to continue supporting our global distributor network to the best of our ability.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the investments Pro Tapes® has pursued so that we can continue to support our distributors and the Entertainment Industry at large.

Pro Tapes has invested in an additional 25,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and manufacturing space.

Expanding our Manufacturing Space to Stay Ahead of the Supply Chain

Since 2008, Pro Tapes® has been headquartered in North Brunswick, New Jersey in the US. We currently operate out of a 150,000 sq. ft. facility. This facility is equipped with a complete series of state-of-the art converting and custom packaging equipment.

With the uncertainty on lead times of all raw materials, many suppliers have struggled to keep key items in stock when their customers most require them.

That is why Pro Tapes® has recently invested in an additional 25,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and manufacturing space. This investment is part of our strategy to better weather the peaks and valleys in the current global supply chain.

When you offer Pro Gaff® in 21 colors and hundreds of SKU’s, you require a sizable inventory level on raw materials and finished goods! The investment in additional space will allow for greater inventory levels on all of our key raw materials.

Our most popular tapes – including Pro Gaff®, Pro® Console, Pro Glow®, and Pro® Spike to name a few – are all in stock and ready to ship.

Pro Tapes has also invested in new high-speed automated packaging lines to greatly increase our processing speed.

Improving our Packaging and Converting Technology to Add Value for Distributors

Pro Tapes® has also invested in new, high-speed automated packaging lines. These new lines can greatly speed up the process of packaging our Pro Gaff® in the most popular sizes.

Now, we are also packaging Pro Gaff® shrink wrapped with a scannable UPC label. This new packaging setup adds values for our distributors, who can display our tape straight out of the case and while staying presentable.

The scannable UPC labels also allow our customers that sell online to use our GS1 registered UPC numbers to sell our high quality items easily and in an organized fashion.

These investments in our converting technology are custom made to fit our unique needs. To learn more about the converting capabilities Pro Tapes® offers, check out this virtual tour of our headquarters.

Pro Tapes continues to hire more customer success representatives, IT personnel, machine operators and more.

Investing in our People

Pro Tapes® continues to invest in the future to ensure we can meet the demands of our customers. We are continuing to hire more customer success representatives, IT personnel, machine operators and warehouse personnel.

Pro Tapes has invested in our IT and computer systems to protect our data and intellectual property as well as our customers.

Improvements to our IT Infrastructure

Additionally, Pro Tapes® has invested in upgrading our IT and computer systems. Information technology, when managed properly, lowers the costs of every financial aspect of the company.

Our online security was and still is a priority and will continue to be one. It is imperative that we protect our data and intellectual property, as well as our customers.

Pro Tapes® is Here for You.

The show must go on. We at Pro Tapes® are committed to supporting our distributors to the best of our abilities.

The investments we’ve reviewed today are helping us minimize increases in raw materials in every aspect of our business. This is how we at Pro Tapes® thank our valued customers for their business.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me any time at

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