Tapes for Social Distancing

Why Pro Tapes® Entertainment Products are Perfect for Social Distancing

Marking off your floors for safe social distancing? Learn the secret that Hollywood & Broadway have known for 40 years… Pro® Gaff is the safest & cleanest way to have your customers stand where you want them to!

Pro Tapes & Specialties® has been the leading provider of performance grade tapes to the Arts & Entertainment market segment for over 40 years. Pro Tapes® has developed numerous products that are specifically engineered to be applied in even the most challenging environments.

Pro Tapes® has the ability to offer excellent problem solving solutions when addressing the latest social distancing protocols. Two of our products that fit the criteria are Pro Gaff® and Pro® 120.

using pro gaff tape for social distancing marks

Pro® Gaff Matte Cloth Tape

 Pro Gaff® is a matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system that is available in 20 designer colors including five fluorescent colors that offer extremely high visibility.  When looking at its features and benefits that pertain to Social Distancing, Pro Gaff® has a specially designed synthetic rubber adhesive, allowing it to stick well to a wide variety of surfaces.

Pro Gaff® can be written on with a marker to easily communicate specific messages such as set distances. Pro Gaff® is hand tear able, even when wearing protective gloves. Pro Gaff® can be removed cleanly and easily once worn out and in need of replacement. Pro Gaff® is perfect for indoor applications like pharmacies, food stores, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Check out this infographic for a comparison of the most commonly used tape for social distancing, and how it holds up to our Pro Gaff® tape!

Let's compare Pro® Gaff tape to the most commonly used (vinyl) tape for social distancing marks.

Pro® 120 Industrial Grade Duct Tape

Pro® 120 is an industrial grade cloth duct tape, it has a specially formulated adhesive that offers a high adhesion. Pro® 120 comes in a wide variety of 12 color options. Pro® Duct 120 is hand tear able, making it a pleasure to work with.

Pro® Duct 120 is constructed using a polyethylene film with a cloth scrim beneath it, this is significant because it allows the product to be successful in outdoor applications.

pro duct 120 all colors

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Both Pro Gaff® and Pro® 120 are manufactured in the United States and are in stock and ready to be shipped out immediately. Pro Tapes & Specialties® is confident that we have the most reliable products that meet the social distancing guidelines during these tough times.

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