Pro Tapes® Holiday Tape Art Contest 2020

Tis the Season – to get creative! To bring a little holiday cheer to our fans, we’re running a holiday tape art contest from Nov. 16th 2020 to Dec 14th 2020, with a prize package for First Place that any tape artist would love!

How can you participate in our art contest? All you need to do is create an artwork with our tapes that has a Winter or seasonal holiday theme! Read on for the art contest rules and how to submit your artwork.

Deadline: Dec 14th, 2020

Contest Rules:

  1. Must submit artwork according to the How to Enter guidelines below.
  2. Deadline to submit artwork is Dec 14th 2020; but we encourage you to submit sooner!
  3. Winners must be of legal age for entry (at least 18 years old)
  4. You must have a shipping address in the continental United States to receive the First Place prize. If you are an international applicant, please secure a US continental shipping address before submitting your work, or we will not be able to ship the First Place prize package to you in case you win. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.
  5. Must not submit artwork with any inflammatory imagery or words. Only PG-rated artworks that match the contest theme will qualify.

How to Enter Your Artwork:

  • Submit your artwork through our “Submit Your Photos” page here:
  • Include at least one close-up, cropped photo featuring only your artwork
  • Include 2 – 3 “behind the scenes” photos of how you made your tape artwork; we love photos showing off our tape!
  • Please describe which of our Pro Tapes® products you used


In addition to having their artwork featured on our social media and blog, the First Place Winner will receive a Prize Package containing:

  • One Pro Tapes® brand shirt
  • One UGlu® brand tshirt
  • One pack of UGlu® Dashes
  • 1 Roll of Pro® Artist Tape in White (1”)
  • 1 Roll of Pro® Artist Tape in Black (1”)
  • 1 pack of Pro® Pocket Spike Stacks in FL Colors
  • Your choice of 2 colors of Pro® 46 to (you’ll receive one 1” roll for each color)

Second and Third Place Winners will receive:

  • One $15 e-gift card
  • Your art featured on our blog

How the Artwork will be Judged:

Fits the “holiday” theme best:

  • Clear use of winter seasonal imagery (snow, pine trees, snowflakes) or seasonal holiday imagery (Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa)
  • The artwork can be simple or complex; it can be 2D or even 3D, as long as it fits the theme and uses tape!

Best use of our Pro Tapes products to create the work:

  • At least one (1) of our Pro Tapes® adhesive tape products was used to create the artwork. Artists can use more than one tape (and more than one color, of course!) if they wish.
  • Tape must be visible in some part of the final artwork.
  • Artists can use any additional medium to create their artwork in combination with tape; paint, spray paint, collage, drawing materials, etc. are all allowed.
  • If additional Pro Tapes® products were used to create the artwork, but are not visible in the final artwork (example: tape was used for masking edges or shapes) please make a note of it when submitting your work.

Which Pro Tapes® products do we recommend using in your work?

Each of these tapes are great for all kinds of art and craft projects!

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