Pro Gaff® Social Distancing Signs are the Removable, Reusable and Damage-Free Solution You Need For Your Business

Do you need removable signs for social distancing that won’t damage floors? Use Pro Gaff® Social Distancing Signs! Visit our page here or learn more in the blog post below!

Pro Gaff® Signs are a safe, effective and time-saving way to help your customers navigate through your business while handling the challenges of social distancing with ease!

Our Pro Gaff® Printed Signs are available as Printed Strips and as Printed Sheets.

Pro Gaff® Signs as Printed Strips and Printed Sheets, plus Printed Pro® 4000
Pro Gaff® Signs as Printed Strips and Printed Sheets, plus Printed Pro® 4000

Maximize the message and minimize your unit cost and labor for the most cost effective way to mark your facility for social distancing.

Watch this Demo Video to see how easy Pro Gaff® Signs are to use!

Here are all the benefits of using Pro Gaff® Social Distancing Signs:

Pro Gaff® Signs are printed on our Premium Pro Gaff® Cloth tape

Pro Gaff® Signs come in 5 high-visibility fluorescent colors and several standard bright colors, with black printed text

The printed text on our Pro Gaff® Signs is simple and effective (ex. “STAND 6 FEET APART”)

They feature clean removability from most surfaces (no damage to your floors, carpets, furniture, etc!)

Good abrasion resistance – can resist a lot of foot traffic

And when they do get dirty from foot traffic, Pro Gaff® Signs are inexpensive to replace, with very little time and effort

All Pro Gaff® Signs are on an easy-release liner (making them very easy to peel off!) and are perforated (making them easy to tear off)

You can mark an entire area with these high visibility signs in one consistent size and style for a clean, professional and functional look in minutes

All Pro Gaff® products are Made in the USA and requires no Prop 65 warnings

Visit our Social Distancing Tapes page today to learn more!

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