Pro® Flex Patch & Shield Tape for Building and Construction

Pro® Flex is one of the most versatile tapes for the building & construction market. From general repairs to waterproofing, Pro® Flex ’s aggressive butyl adhesive forms a permanent, waterproof seal on most surfaces.

It’s the ultimate all weather sealing tape, with an aggressive 28 mil butyl adhesive. When applied to a clean and dry surface, the butyl adhesive will fill in any voids and create a tight seal.

Available in black, white, and clear, Pro® Flex Patch & Shield tape is one of the most versatile adhesive tapes everyone have should in their tool kit.

Perfect for Outdoor Applications

UV resistance makes Pro® Flex the ultimate tape for outdoor applications where some tapes will dry out, crack, and remove due to sun exposure. Seal flashings around doors, windows, and decking materials with ease.

Pro Flex is the ultimate all weather sealing tape, with an aggressive 28 mil butyl adhesive

Seal leaky gutters, downspouts, pools, boats, outdoor equipment, RV’s, pipes, HVAC, and more!

Pro® Flex is highly conformable to irregular surfaces, and shapes, and can be applied wet, dry, hot or cold.

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