Pro® Cling Vinyl: Its Many Industrial Uses

Pro® Cling Vinyl is made from a thin vinyl film that clings to various high energy surfaces.  This non-adhesive type of vinyl offers a wide variety of design solutions. It is available in white or clear.

Pro® Cling Vinyl is mainly used as a protective film barrier on new glass, painted metal, most smooth plastics, without the use of pressure sensitive adhesive. It utilizes a non-silicone coated liner specially designed for static cling vinyl. 

Pro® Cling Vinyl product can be die cut to custom converted rolls, shapes or sheets. 

How does it work? What makes it unique?

  • It attaches to most clean smooth surfaces; the cohesive forces between the two surfaces creates a suction cup effect
  • This tape is unique because of its long- term durability, clean and no residue after removal features.
  • It conforms well to curved surfaces and objects
  • It is easy to remove, repositionable and reusable
  • Adhesive Free and leaves no residue after removal
  • Durable and ideal for indoor applications
  • Backside is Printable

Watch our demo video to see Pro® Cling Vinyl in Action:

The Top 4 Industrial Uses:

Pro® Cling Vinyl is used in a wide variety of industries and applications. The most common uses include:

Pro Cling Vinyl is used for protecting delicate surfaces in horology and jewelry making

Watch-Making or Horology/Jewelry:

Because of Pro® Cling Vinyl’s glossy yet scratch-resistance surface, it’s perfect for protecting delicate surfaces in the watch making and jewelry making process, and during transportation. 

Pro Cling Vinyl is ideal for temporary use on decorative window and POP displays

POP Display/Signage:

Pro® Cling Vinyl’s adhesive-free material makes it ideal for temporary use on decorative window displays, glass windows /doors, and leaves no residue after removal.

Pro Cling Vinyl is popular for use as clear stickers in vehicles


The most popular use of cling vinyl is the clear sticker in vehicles reminding folks to get an oil change. It is free of adhesive and can be easily removed, repositioned and reused.

Pro Cling Vinyl offers the ultimate protection for appliances against fingerprints and scratches


Pro® Cling Vinyl offers the ultimate protection for appliances such refrigerator, washer/dryer, appliance control panels and more. It guards against fingerprints and dust intrusions, and scratches during storage and transportation.


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