Pro® Body Tape for Everyday Attire and Costumes

Pro® 1502, also called Pro® Body Tape, is the perfect double-sided tape for easy wardrobe adjustments that keep you looking great all day long!

Are you going into the office and need to look on-point and professional? Are you performing in a play and need a costume adjustment? Or just wearing your favorite outfit that is nearly picture-perfect, but needs a slight fix on a button or seam? Pro Tapes® is excited to present our premium double-coated, skin-friendly body tape to help with all these wardrobe adjustments!

Pro Tapes® has developed this product to solve the everyday hassles, like a collar that won’t stay in place on your favorite shirt or a button come loose. You can use our it to adjust the fabric or straps on gowns and dresses, or attach toupees & wigs securely and discretely.

The possibilities of when to use Pro® Body Tape are nearly endless!

Features & Benefits of Pro® Body Tape:

  • Skin-friendly and gentle pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Clear adhesive is nearly invisible and discrete
  • Easy to tear by hand and apply
  • Breathable and safe on hair
  • Removes cleanly & easily
  • Can be repositioned and re-applied
  • Made in the USA
Pro Body Tape is used in many industries including wedding and bridal, tailors and seamstresses, entertainment and party supply, and more

Use our skin-friendly Pro® Body Tape to:

  • Attach toupees, wigs and other hair pieces
  • Create and make alterations to professional costumes, cosplay, and clown outfits
  • Hold straps, buttons, clothing hems and seams in place
  • Attach decorations and embellishments for body art, special FX makeup, and face painting
  • Secure lavalier microphones for television, theatre, and public speaking
  • Fix bothersome areas of clothing causing calluses & blisters
  • Hold up and adjust face masks, even without ear loops

Pro® Body Tape is essential for a variety of industries, including:

  • Entertainment (clowns, dancers, performance art)
  • Party Suppliers
  • Weddings and Bridal
  • Tailors and Seamstresses
  • Fashion and Makeup


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