Need a Skin-Friendly Removable Medical Tape? Try Pro® 1502!

Are you in need of a skin-friendly pressure sensitive double coated medical tape that removes effortlessly without irritating skin? Look no further, Pro® 1502 is the perfect solution for applications where securing various substrates to skin is desired.

Pro® 1502 is made up of a skin-friendly pressure sensitive adhesive, a clear film carrier, alongside a heavyweight release liner making the product excellent for die cutting.

Pro 1502 with hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive

Pro® 1502 common applications include attaching medical devices & surgical drapes comfortably to skin, holding wigs & various types of hairpieces in place, securing necklines & fashion alterations, along with numerous other general purpose applications.

Pro 1502 is the perfect tape for holding up face masks

Pro Tapes® is proud to offer the highest quality products that can help ease the current COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

Pro® 1502 is the perfect tape for holding up facial coverings without the need for irritating strings or straps, making it a perfect product for hair salons & barbershops.

Pro® 1502 can be easily applied to the backside of a face covering/mask and applied directly onto the wearer’s skin safely.  

Pro® 1502 removes cleanly from both skin and various fabrics effortlessly.


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