Our Top 3 Double Coated Polyester Tapes

Our top 3 DC polyester film tapes provide quick and easy bonding to a variety of substrates, creating a clean and modern look. Read below to learn more!

What is a Double Coated Tape?

Before we take a look at our top 3 premium polyester film tapes, let’s define what double coated means.

“Double coated” tape (commonly abbreviated as DC) is also known as “double sided” or “double faced” tape. That is, it’s an adhesive tape that has adhesive on both sides instead of just one.

Double coated tapes are also typically pressure sensitive tapes, or PSAs. PSAs consist of a film, paper, cloth, foam, or foil carrier that is coated on both sides with a rubber, silicone or acrylic adhesive. 

The adhesive is protected by a release liner, which is removed when the tape is applied, or left in place until the surfaces to be bonded to are ready to be attached together. Release liners are commonly paper or films, with a silicone release agent.

A diagram showing the elements of a double coated tape, by Pro Tapes

The primary purpose of a double coated PSA is to stick two surfaces together. Double coated tapes are mainly used for laminating, mounting, splicing, gasketing, sound/vibration dampening, and appliances.

Typically, the adhesive is not visible on the finished product, creating a cleaner and modern design look. This is ideal for many applications, such as signage, windows, skylights, and many more.

Now, let’s take a look at our top 3 premium Double Coated Polyester tapes

Our Top 3 Premium Double Coated Polyester Tape Products

Our top 3 DC polyester film tapes provide a quick and easy bonding process with moderate temperature resistance. These tapes bond well to a variety of substrates and offer excellent converting and fabricating properties. The polyester film carrier in these premium tapes add dimensional stability and strength.

All three products are exceptionally strong, versatile and effective in a wide range of applications in various markets, such as: 

  • Automotive
  • Point of Purchase Display (POP)
  • Electronics
  • Graphic & Fine Arts
  • Crafts
  • Custom Signage
  • Manufacturing
  • Paper/printing

We stock jumbo rolls, and have jumbo roll slitting and narrow width slitting converting capabilities that allow us to produce custom sized rolls as narrow as 1/64” to 62”. These tapes can also be die-cut into custom shapes for your unique application.

A roll of Pro 406 double coated polyester film tape

Pro® 406 DC Polyester Tape

Our Pro® 406 is a 3.9 mils double coated polyester tape with an aggressive rubber adhesive. It is supplied on a 0.5 mils carrier of 60# polycoated Silicone treated liner, 1.7 mils liner side adhesive, and 1.7 mils exposed side adhesive. 

Pro® 406 is ideal for die-cutting and laminating difficult substrates and various webs such as foils and foams. Use it for general purpose bonding and mounting, e.g. nameplates, attachments of decorative trims, cork, felt and sponge materials. 

This tape is also perfect for splicing during printing, papers, plastics, coating webs, films and foils. The rubber adhesive is good for most indoor applications. You can use it for outdoor applications only if the adhesive will not be directly exposed to the environment.

A roll of Pro 408  double coated polyester film tape

Pro® 408 DC Polyester tape

Our Pro® 408 is a 7.5 mils double coated polyester film tape with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. It comes on a 4 mils liner, 3 mils Double coated Adhesive and 0.5 mils PET Carrier. 

Pro® 408 is pH neutral, which means non-acidic or alkaline. Use it for mounting displays and nameplates.  You can also use it for high speed flying splices on most paper such as newsprint, corrugated paper, plastics, and films and laminating dissimilar metals. 

A roll of Pro 965  double coated polyester film tape

Pro® 965 DC Polyester Tape

Our Pro® 965 is a 7.87 mils double coated polyester acrylic adhesive system. It is constructed with a 3 mils thick Red film liner, and a 4 mils Double coated acrylic adhesive.

Pro® 965 has a unique resistance to plasticizers. It offers excellent bonding even at elevated temperatures or critical substrates. Use it for mounting decorative profiles, molding, and outdoor signage, laminating metals, panels and plastics parts. 

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