Meet Piña Dorada, The Mother & Daughter Balloon Artist Team

Today we chat with a balloon artist dream team from Panama! This mother and daughter family team has come a long way since they began their balloon decoration company just a few years ago. Learn more below!

Do you have a website or other social network that you would like to share with our audience?

At the moment, we handle everything via our Instagram: @pinadoradapanama

Darys and Monica Torrero started Piña Dorada balloon decor company in 2019

Tell us a bit about yourself and your balloon décor company!

We are Darys & Monica Torrero, a mother and daughter team and owners of Piña Dorada, a 100% Panamanian balloon décor company! (Fun fact: Piña Dorada means “Golden Pineapple” in English!)

Monica is an Interior Architect by profession and Darys is a Graphic Designer. After practicing balloon art privately for three years, Monica quit her job in 2019 to fulfill this great dream of having a balloon decoration company.

Like anything worth achieving, it was very difficult at first. But over time we managed to find our own style and types of decorations and events that we like to create for.

UGlu is perfect for balloon décor in hot and humid climates

More recently, we attended various trainings and events for balloon artists locally and internationally. In January 2022, we managed to be exhibitors at the renowned international convention called “FLOAT the Convention.” It was a great and enriching experience!

With a lot of effort and dedication, we have fulfilled several dreams. We have met very good balloon artists and decorators, great people that we constantly admire. The sky is the limit of our dreams.

What do you like about being a balloon artist?

We love to push our creativity and always try to achieve more with each balloon arrangement or decoration. We also love to make our clients happy, of course! To know that our effort and dedication brings them joy makes it worth it.

The Piña Dorada team first discovered UGlu at a balloon convention

How did you discover UGlu® products?

We discovered the products a few years ago at a convention. If I’m not mistaken, it was at GLOBOCOM 2019.

How does UGlu® improve your work as a balloon artist? What do you like about it?

UGlu® is the absolute best for making our balloon arrangements. Particularly in Panama, due to the hot and humid climate, it is not easy to use any type of glue, since the humidity causes it to detach in minutes.

We love UGlu® products because they do not come off, and we can trust that the customer’s delivery will last a long time.

UGlu allows balloon artists to attach all kinds of details and décor to their designs

We use UGlu® in balloon bouquets to stick on foils, balloon twists and details. Our favorite type to use are the longer, rectangular pieces, because we can easily add a larger piece of décor or balloon shape whenever or wherever we need to.

If someone has never used UGlu® for their balloon décor before, what advice would you give them?

We recommend UGlu® tapes 10000%!!! In particular, we recommend getting the box of large tapes (the UGlu® Contractor Pack) because we feel that it allows us balloon artists to be very dynamic. It’s a wonderful product.

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