Masking Off Nature-Inspired Watercolors with Jen Herman Russell

Jen Herman Russell is a photographer who turned to watercolor painting in 2020 to explore a new way of expressing her creativity. She prefers Pro Tapes® products to get the chic, clean-edged look she loves to see in her paintings. Learn more below!

First, do you have a website or any social media sites you’d like to share with our audience?

My website:

Instagram: @jen.herman.russell 

Youtube: J. Herman Russell

Facebook: @J.HermanRussellArt

For as long as she can remember, Jen has been surrounded by art

How long have you been practicing art?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by artists and exploring some form of art. 

As a child I loved to draw with charcoal pencils and inks. In my teens I discovered an interest in photography, which led to a desire to learn photo editing and graphic design.

I only recently started working with watercolors in early 2020!

Jen's watercolor paintings are inspired by her photography

What inspires your artwork and process?

Growing up I’d watch my dad paint watercolors in his studio. His work was the main inspiration for me to try watercolors. 

As for the subject of my work, my inspiration often comes from my own landscape photography.  I love to mix and match colors and elements from my photos to create new and exciting landscapes.

(Our readers can check out Jen’s photography here!)

How did you discover Pro Tapes® tape products?

Admittedly I have tried many types and brands, but never got the results I was looking for.

I scoured all the reviews and blogs I could find until I kept running into a pattern of good reviews that all seemed to point to Pro Tapes®

Jen experimented with many different tape products for her painting until she discovered Pro Tapes

That’s awesome! So, which Pro Tapes® tape products do you use now? What do you love about them?

My go-to Pro Tapes® product is Pro® 795 General Purpose Masking in the 1″ width. I paint using deckled edge handmade papers that are incredibly fragile. I found Pro® 795 to be just the right amount of adhesive to mask off my working area and hold my paper down to the surface without damaging it.

With Pro® 795, I can trust I’ll end up with a clean crisp edge to my work every time, allowing me to achieve the look of an old photograph with the classy white border that I love so much.

Pro 795 tape helps Jen achieve clean edges in her watercolor paintings

If someone has never used Pro Tapes® tape products for their painting before, what advice would you give them?

I’d say don’t waste your time by shopping around and making the same mistakes I did. Too many of my pieces were ruined when I used the wrong kind for my work.

Trust me when I say you’ll never need to try another kind again!

Pro Tapes® offers the most complete line of pressure sensitive tapes for the Graphic and Specialty Art Industries.

Each artist has their own preferences and requirements for the right adhesive tape based on their materials and desired effects on their artwork – so it is important to consider this when choosing the right tape!

We have several tapes that may be of interest to artists working in watercolors and other paint mediums. Please take a look at Pro® 796, Pro® Drafting Tape, Pro® Artist Tape and Pro® Ultimate Masking.

If you have questions or need a product recommendation, please email Steve Espinal, Graphic Arts Business Development Manager, at

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