Kuki Gomez makes New York POP with Pro Gaff® Tape Art

Kuki Gomez, originally from Argentina, is making the streets of New York City POP with tape art murals in local eateries and bold fashion designs using Pro Gaff® tape. Read on to see what else this prolific tape artist (and Pro Tapes® fan) has accomplished!

Do you have a website or any social media sites you’d like for us to share with our audience?

Instagram: @kuki.nyc (Editor’s Note: We highly recommend you take a look! Lots of amazing tape art!)

Website: Kuki.nyc

Facebook: kuki.nyc

Tape Artist, Kuki Gomez

How long have you been practicing art? Could you describe your educational and artistic work experience?

After studying Art and Graphic Design in Argentina at UBA (Buenos Aires University) and teaching for Design and Morphology to levels 1 and 2 in, I started my career as a Creative Director for Levi’s Jeans. Known for my flair for style and exceptional attention to detail, I went on to design the fashion show and graphics for the first Hugo Boss store in the country.

Since moving to New York, I’ve worked as a freelance designer, creating hundreds of special events for top names including Robert Isabelle, Matthew David Events, Michelle Rago, and Antony Todd.

In addition, I worked internationally with Sherry Nahid and Colin Cowie on a Royal wedding in Qatar; at the opening for the Atlantis resort on a manmade island in Dubai; and at private parties in Hong Kong, Sydney, Cabo San Lucas, and several islands in the Caribbean. I opened KUKI DESIGNS EVENTS in 2007, producing large-scale events for DIRECTV, Conde Nast, Hearst Corporation, and the Tribeca Film Festival. Music festivals like Rock in Rio, Electric Daisy, Nocturnal Wonderland, HARD, and more. I also designed the decor of two clubs for Super Bowl weekend in San Francisco and Phoenix AZ.

Kuki Gomez uses Pro Gaff® tape in most of his work

How did you get started with tape art (and discovered Pro Tapes® products?)

It was simple: one day a friend of mine gave me two rolls of Pro Gaff® tape, one black and neon Yellow.  

Which Pro Tapes® products are your favorites (or that you find yourself using the most often)?

Pro Gaff®, especially the UV reactive (fluorescent) rolls. Now I’m trying to get into the metallic tapes, like Pro®  Sheen.

What does tape allow you to do that other media (ex. paint) does not?

I find it to be a great graphic alternative. It’s cleaner and sometimes easier to fix errors.

What other media or tools do you use alongside tape to create your art, and how do they work together?

Sometimes I experiment with acrylic paint for some fabrics or garments.

What do you think about the future of tape as an artistic medium?

Tape will be BIG, I see more and more artists using it in many different ways. I love how creative they are with it, and how regular people are trying it too.

If someone has never tried using tape in their creative practice before, what advice would you have for them?

Tape is FUN, keep doing it! The more you experiment with it the better and more interesting it will get.

Check out some of Kuki’s tape projects below!

New York Festival of Lights 

New York Festival of Lights

Spicy Moon Restaurant Window, East Village, NYC

Spicy Moon NYC

L’Imprimerie coffee shop in Brooklyn, New York

L’Imprimerie Coffee Shop

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