Kraft Paper Tapes & Their Many Industrial Applications

Kraft Paper Tape is a pressure sensitive paper tape that is stronger than the standard masking tape. It requires no water or use of a hand-held dispenser to apply. 

Unlike water-activated “Gummed” tape, our Kraft Paper tape is a unique blend of paper backing and pressure sensitive natural and synthetic adhesives that adhere to a given surface when light pressure is applied.

To help identify the best tape to meet your needs, let’s take a closer look at some of our premium Kraft Paper tapes and their applications.

Our Top 4 Premium Kraft Paper Tapes

Applications for Pro® 183 Kraft Paper Tape include carton sealing and picture framing

Pro® 183 Kraft Paper Tape

Our Pro® 183 is a light brown paper carton sealing tape. It is a 6.0 mils rubber-resin based adhesive with paper backing. It is printable, allowing for custom printing with a wide range of colors for security and/or branding.

Applications range from light to medium carton sealing and packaging, as well as picture framing and silk screening in the graphic arts division where decorative or protective edging is required.

This product complies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, CFR Title 21, Subpart B, Par. 175.105 and is RoHs compliant.

Pro® 184HD Kraft Paper Tape is mainly used to seal heavy duty boxes for moving

Pro® 184HD Kraft Paper Tape

Our Pro® 184HD is a dark brown paper carton sealing tape.  It is a 6.5 mils rubber-resin based adhesive with paper backing.

This product is mainly used in the moving industry to seal heavy duty boxes.  It can also be used for mounting and splicing in the industrial MRO or Paper industries for high tension and temperature demanding processes.

This tape also complies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, CFR Title 21, Subpart B, Par.175.105 and is RoHs compliant.

Pro® 185 Kraft Paper Tape was designed to meet specifications for shipping

Pro® 185 Flatback Paper Tape

Our Pro® 185 is a brown flatback carton sealing tape.  It is a 7.3 mils Natural/Synthetic rubber adhesive with flatback backing.

This product shares the same applications as Pro® 183 and Pro® 184HD, but its aggressive adhesive and composition is what sets it apart.

The Pro® 185 was also engineered to meet the following specifications: PPP-T-42C Type II, C.I.D. A-A-883B Type 2. This product also complies with Postal Regulation for uninsured packages.

Pro® 187 Kraft Paper Tape can also be used for floor seaming in abatement

Pro® 187 Flatback Paper Tape

Our Pro® 187 is a general purpose grade flatback kraft paper tape.  It is a 6 mils thermoplastic rubber adhesive with an extensible kraft flatback paper backing.

In addition to the typical applications such as carton sealing, splicing, binding, and holding, it can also be used in floor seaming applications. Pro® 187 is ideal for abatement and restoration in the Building & Construction industry, providing the ultimate temporary surface protection.  The adhesive is designed for seams only, and should not be applied directly to floors.

This product meets ASTM D 6123/D 6123M-07 (2012), Type II; FDA Indirect Contact CFR 21 – 174.5, 175.105, 176.170 & 176.18.

In conclusion:

  • All four Kraft Paper tapes are hand-tearable
  • Ideal at preventing pilferage or tampering for security
  • They are eco-friendly
  • Bond well to recycled paper
  • High adhesion and strong holding power
  • Perform well under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions
  • Can be used with a variety of tape dispensers and case sealing machines
  • Can be custom cut to any size; logs and jumbo rolls are available

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