Janitorial Professionals and Facility Managers Need These Top Tape Products

Over the past few years, adhesive tape products have become increasingly popular in the Janitorial and Facility Maintenance Industries. Part of this demand is due to the wide variety of applications tape can be used for, including electrical work, painting, repair, and more.

Another factor in the demand for quality tape products is an increase in construction projects around the world. Rising economies lead to the construction (and the need for cleaning and maintenance) of more commercial and non-commercial buildings.

Now more than ever, it is important to work with experts to identify the best tools for facility managers and cleaning crews.

With over 45 years of experience in pressure sensitive adhesives, Pro Tapes® is an industry leader you can trust. We provide our Janitorial and Maintenance customers with the most efficient and cost effective tape solutions for a variety of needs.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the most common tapes needed for maintenance, repair, safety and more that Pro Tapes® offers:

Janitors can use Pro Plus electrical tape for wire protection and color coding.

Tapes for Janitorial Electrical Work and Maintenance

Electrical tape is a type of pressure sensitive adhesive used to insulate electrical wires, cables or other materials that conduct electricity. It is typically made with plastics, but vinyl is the most popular type due to its durability and versatility.

Black is the most popular color of electrical tape for insulating purposes. However, our vinyl electrical tape Pro® Plus comes in 11 different colors that allow for color coding and labeling.

You may also be interested in Pro® Friction, a 15mils cotton fabric electrical tape.

Masking tapes are important for protecting surfaces likes walls and floors during janitorial painting projects.

Masking Tapes for Painting and Surface Protection

Masking tape is most commonly used during painting projects to protect surfaces such as walls and floors, either by covering surfaces directly or by holding up protective sheeting. Other applications for masking tape include light bundling and packaging.

Masking tape features an easy to tear paper backing and a light adhesive which allows for easy unwind. The low level of adhesion make it ideal for delicate surfaces. Masking tape will not leave behind residues or cause damages.

Here are the top masking tape products we recommend facility managers to keep in stock:

Duct Tape is used by janitors for quick fixes, repairs, and patching, whether permanent or temporary.

Duct Tapes for Janitorial Repairs and Patching

Duct tape is a strong, waterproof adhesive. The backing is cloth-based and coated in polyethylene.

In the Janitorial industry, duct tape is commonly used for quick fixes, repairs, and patching; either temporarily or permanently. It can also be used for binding and bundling.

Our duct tapes are available in variety of colors to match different surfaces or applications.

Pro Tapes® offers duct tapes to suit a variety of needs for maintenance and repair:

  • Pro® 100 – 7 mils Economy Grade Duct
  • Pro® 110 – 9 mils General Purpose Grade Duct Tape
  • Pro® 120 – 10 mils Industrial Grade Duct Tape
  • Pro® 130 – 12.5 mils Premium Grade Duct Tape
  • Pro® 148 – 17 mils Heavy Duty 10mils Industrial Premium Grade Duct Tape
  • Pro® 160 – Transparent Duct Tape
Janitorial professionals can use barricade tapes for safety during events.

Safety Barricade Tapes for A/V, Events and More

Barricade tapes perform an important role in supporting safety measures, whether for daily janitorial use or special events such as assemblies, meetings, etc. Janitorial and facility maintenance teams can also help support audio/visual teams with barricade tapes.

Some tapes, like our Caution Ribbon, are actually non-adhesive. Caution Ribbon is a yellow polyethylene tape with caution messaging printed on one side. It is used as a visual warning and to limit access to a work area, which can be critical to safety during repair and maintenance projects.

Other type of safety tapes that do feature an adhesive or sticky side can be used for floor marking or wire and cable hold down. Our Cable Path® adhesive tape protects cables while simultaneously warning passersby of a trip hazard or possible hazardous area.   

Other barricade and safety tapes we recommend for janitorial and maintenance include:

Choosing an Optimal Janitorial Tape Supplier with Pro Tapes®

As the Facility Management and Janitorial industry continues to develop, Pro Tapes® intends to stay on top of janitorial service trends.

We are committed to working alongside our customers to help develop innovative products for this ever-changing market. 

Pro Tapes® is also capable of offering customized products due to our 150,000 Sq. ft. facility, which is equipped with a full range of state-of-the-art converting and custom packaging equipment. Our highly equipped facility allows us to offer custom solutions while reducing lead times and assuring consistently high quality products.  

To learn more about our product selections and how Pro Tapes® can serve you, contact us today at sales@protapes.com