How Do You Make a Custom Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board? Pro Tapes® Shows You How!

Are you looking for a custom chalkboard or dry erase board solution? We’re happy to introduce two of our tapes that could be just what you’re looking for! Read below to learn more.

Are you a teacher or a parent trying to create the best learning environment for your children at school or at home? Maybe you own a business (restaurant, salon, etc.), or you’re an artist or a DIY type of person looking for a custom solution to easily take and keep notes somewhere easy to see?

You should get to know about Pro® Chalk Tape and Pro® Dry Erase Tape!

Pro Chalk and Pro Dry Erase are easily applied, easily removed, and with no mess

Pro® Chalk Tape and Pro® Dry Erase Tape are easy to apply, easy to remove, and leave no mess behind! They’re as easy to write on as a conventional chalkboard or dry erase board, and they erase cleanly every time.

These features make both products suitable for both at-home teaching or in-school lectures. Use it in the classroom to highlight the new lesson for the day, or write out project due dates and keep them handy!

Pro Chalk Tape and Pro Dry Erase Tape are eco-friendly and safe for children

Restaurant or food business owners can let customers know what their specials of the day are with a custom-placed and sized chalk or dry erase board. At home, you can use it to organize and label things in your home office or kitchen; just check out this DIY calendar we made with Pro® Dry Erase Tape!

Take a closer look at Pro® Chalk Tape:

Pro Chalk Tape is a printable and removable chalkboard film tape

Pro® Chalk Tape is a printable, removable chalkboard film tape. Pro® Chalk Tape comes in many different sizes, and can be custom cut & printed.

This tape has a polycoated kraft release liner which makes it easy to cut, peel and apply. The textured, slate grey film provides a great surface for drawing or writing.

Use Pro® Chalk for labeling, posting daily menus and to-do lists, making message boards in the home, school or office, and more! It’s a great product for crafting, personalizing items, and homeschooling.

Take a closer look at Pro® Dry Erase Tape:

Pro Dry Erase be written on with any standard dry erase marker

Pro® Dry Erase Tape is an erasable surface tape that quickly transforms your work surface into a white board. It works with any standard dry erase marker and erasers!

Pro® Dry Erase tape comes in many different sizes. It is available in roll form, standard sheet size, and even wider custom whiteboard sizes.

Its removable acrylic adhesive makes it easy to reposition and re-apply without leaving residues on the surface.


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