Agility Ladders with Pro Gaff tape

How can you improve your coordination? Try making Pro Gaff® Agility Ladders!

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you can improve your mind-muscle coordination with an at-home workout using agility ladders! They’re a great way to improve your coordination and drive up your heart rate.

Agility ladders are a great alternative to cardio activities like running. This exercise won’t just push your body out of its comfort zone, it also challenges your brain!

Example of an Agility Ladder made with Pro Gaff®

What is an agility ladder?

An agility ladder is a piece of exercise equipment that looks much like a ladder (hence the name) but laid down flat on the floor. You use this “ladder” as a visual guide to perform various exercises that increase your agility, like jumping between the “rungs” of the ladder. Agility ladders are a great way to improve your coordination and drive up your heart rate!

Why should you use an agility ladder to workout?

  • When used as a warmup, it can help to prevent injuries
  • Helps with practicing general footwork and coordination
  • An interesting and fun way to build up your calves & cardiovascular endurance.
  • Helps with mind-body connection
  • Acceleration and deceleration movements help your stabilization
  • Improve your agility with multidirectional movements.
  • Improve your speed by doing linear run troughs
  • Do lateral running
  • Work on your balance by hopping on one leg
  • Work on your core muscles by crawling the length of the agility ladder
Jumping side to side across the Pro Gaff® agility ladder

Use Pro Gaff® to spice up your workout with a CUSTOM, multi-colored agility ladder!

You could purchase an inexpensive agility ladder that rolls out like a mat on the floor, but we’ve got an even better idea! Use Pro Gaff® to make your own agility ladders! Pro Gaff® lets you customize the appearance of your agility ladder, is very portable, and lets you set it up and tear it down anywhere.

Pro Gaff® removes cleanly from hardwood floors and carpet. Using tape for an agility ladder is a great idea for beginners because tape lays down flat, so there’s no risk of tripping over the edges of a traditional roll-out agility ladder.

Hopping through the Pro Gaff® agility ladder

Personalization is a great perk of using Pro Gaff® to make your own agility ladders! Pro Gaff® comes in 20 colors (including 5 fluorescent colors) so it’s bound to have your favorite color and color combinations to personalize your agility ladder.

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