Hopscotch – a timeless game, made with tape!

What child hasn’t played hopscotch? Children can work on their gross motor skills by engaging full body control. This is a great exercise for social development especially when multiple children play. 

In fact, it is believed that Roman soldiers played hopscotch as part of their training regimen. This exercise helped soldiers build endurance and balance in preparation for battle.

Having multiple players can also encourage leadership and teamwork. A preschooler can vastly improve their counting skills by playing hopscotch.

A hopscotch board on a driveway made with Pro Gaff® tape

Create a hopscotch design with Pro® Pocket Spike Tape or Pro Gaff® tape 

Hopscotch is traditionally played outdoors, but Pro Tapes® can help you bring the action indoors!

Pro® Pocket Spike Tape and Pro Gaff® tape are both excellent tapes to make a hopscotch board with. They’ll stick down to almost any surface (like concrete and asphalt outdoors, or carpet and hardwood flooring indoors) and remove cleanly!

Choose your favorite color of Pro Gaff® or Pro® Pocket Spike Tape and make a hopscotch board wherever you like. Use the tape to write “1” on the first square, “2” on the next square and so forth up to “10”.  Then you’re ready to play!

A hopscotch board on a driveway made with Pro Gaff® tape

How to Play:

1. Create a hopscotch design with Pro Gaff® tape or Pro® Pocket Spike Tape

2. Choose a beanbag as a marker. Gently toss your marker to land on square “1”

3. Hop through the tape squares, skipping the one you have your marker on

4. Pick up the marker on your way back

5. Pass the marker on to the next person!

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