Holiday Decorating Tips (featuring UGlu® tape!)

It’s Nicole from Pro Tapes® here! Who doesn’t love to decorate for the holidays?! It always brings cheer into my world during the colder months. Since I don’t like to put holes in my walls with nails when I’m putting temporary holiday decorations up, I just reach for my handy dandy UGlu® tape instead!

What I love best about UGlu®

What I love best about using UGlu® is the fact that it adheres to multiple different surfaces, and it comes in different sizes and shapes to hold up different kinds of things.

I gravitate towards our UGlu® 900 1” x 3’ strips to hold up my lighted garlands. The UGlu® 200 Family Pack is great too!

The UGlu 900 contractor pack and the UGlu 200 family pack

Just some examples of surfaces UGlu® can stick to are concrete, brick, painted drywall, and wood. And in my living room, all of these are present, and my lighted garland holds up on them all thanks to UGlu®!

Here’s how I decorate with UGlu® tape for the holidays:

My process is as follows:

First, I plan how to lay out the garland and any decorations I’ll be using in my room. I figured putting the lighted garland around the mantel and the door would highlight my Christmas tree very nicely.

I plan out where to put my holiday decorations and stick down my UGlu strips where I want them to go

Grab a UGlu® strip, remove one side of the paper liner, then place the UGlu® strip where you desire to have the garland or decorations stick to.

Remove the 2nd paper liner and stick on those decorations! I make sure to apply pressure to ensure that the decorations really adhere to the UGlu® and the surface underneath.

Then I stick my lighted garland and decorations to the UGlu strips

Then, plug in your lights and watch your room glow! It’s as easy as that!

Here’s the final result! How awesome is that?!

Here's the final result!

Tip for removing your decorations:

Here’s a Pro® tip: When it’s time to take all your holiday decor down, don’t PULL them off – you should TWIST off! Check out our demo video on Youtube (and subscribe!) to see how.

Now have fun decorating with UGlu®, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you folks out there!!

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