DIY Graduation Class Ring Favor Tags

Need a graduation or end of the school year party favor? You can use tape to easily create personalized graduation tags and attach to your favorite candy.

We used UGlu® to assemble the tags!

Materials Used

Materials used to create class ring favor tags featuring adhesives in the UGlu® DIY Pack

1. Create Gift Tags

I used my personal desktop die-cutting machine and was able to size and cut my own foldable gift tags out of cardstock. They are approximately 3 inches wide by 5 inches long (before you fold). I added a ribbon to the top through the opening in paper and tied into a bow.

Start by cutting card stock to form the main folding tag.

2. Print your message

I simply designed the printable on my computer and printed out the labels on a lighter color of cardstock. They are approximately 1.5 inch circles when cut out. I was able to print 12 per page and with patience just cut out the circles by hand. You can also use your personal desktop die-cutting machine for this step as well.

Then print your message on a different color card stock and cut into shapes.

3. Assemble the parts with UGlu®

Apply a wide UGlu® 1”x3” Strip to the inside of your tag. The inside will serve a double purpose: it will hold your candy in place as well as securely seal your tag shut. I used one strip of the wide 1”x3” UGlu® per candy tag. I cut the UGlu® strip to fit my tag (you don’t want excess hanging off the edge) and used that extra slice of UGlu® for the front of tag to turn my cardstock labels into a sticker.


Other Notes:

UGlu® 1”x3” Strips: Can’t say enough about you! Everyone needs UGlu®! I love that the DIY Pack has a variety of sizes to play with. The 1”x3” strips are quick, easy to use and they sealed these gift tags in seconds! I didn’t have to deal with any messy glue or wait for dry time.

Using UGlu® 1”x3” Strips, I didn’t have to deal with any messy glue or wait for dry time.

A basket full of finished party favors.

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