Table Maze Game with Pro® Pocket Spike Tape

This Pro® Pocket Spike Tape Maze table game is a simple activity which can be used as a valuable learning tool for young students, and a great way to have fun for all ages!

Solving Mazes is Fun and Stimulates Your Brain!

Mazes are a stimulating way of incorporating play with learning. Solving mazes can boost concentration, cognitive thought process, resilience and patience. Mazes can set a foundation in identifying a multifaceted approach to solving issues.

Mazes can improve many skills for young students: improving fine motor control, boosting problem solving skills, improving hand-eye coordination, memory, and patience. For the same reasons, it’s great for adults of all ages to try a maze game!

Get Creative and Design Your Own Pro® Pocket Spike Tape Maze!

Pro® Pocket Spike Tape comes in bright, dark and fluorescent stacks. These mazes can be done at home or in schools, so they’re an excellent tool for parents and teachers. Choose your favorite colors and lose all your inhibitions! 

Below is an example of a tape maze one my colleagues created – check out the video above and the photos below! She used some graph paper to plan out her maze first. If possible, I recommend taping out your maze on a plastic sheet (or even a white erase board), so you can “draw” your way through your maze with a marker!

Getting supplies together to make the pro spike tape maze
Making the multi colored tape maze... plus, a cup holder!
The completed spike tape table maze game

Have fun with it – and let us know how your tape maze comes out!