Costume Tapes: For Skin, Fabric, Props, Makeup SFX & More!

Halloween is right around the corner, and although it might look a little different in 2020, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun of dressing up!

The TRICK you need to make any costume a TREAT is costume tape! Pro Tapes® provides two double-sided costume tape solutions: Pro® Body Tape and UGlu®.

Check out our demo video to see these tapes in action:

Pro® Body Tape: For Skin and Fabric

Pro® Body Tape (also known as Pro® 1502) is a skin-friendly double-sided tape that’s skin-safe and also fabric-safe. It comes on a portable roll with a hand-tearable paper liner.

You can wear Pro® Body Tape on skin for hours without irritation. It removes gently, without tearing skin, pulling facial or body hairs, or disturbing makeup.

It’s why we’ve recommended it as a great tape for wearing face masks without strings or ear loops! It’s perfect for fabric-to-skin applications.

Pro® Body Tape also has a strong hold for medium to lightweight fabric-to-fabric attachments. It removes gently from fabric, without distorting fabric color or damaging fabric threads or texture. That’s much better than using permanent hot glues!

These features also make Pro® Body Tape excellent for:

  • attaching wigs, hair pieces, toupees, faux mustaches and beards
  • embellishments like gems, florals, and prosthetics for special FX makeup
  • attaching masks and eye pieces easily to skin, without strings
  • dance and gymnastics costumes
Costume tapes for Halloween, kids costumes, cosplay, historical re-enactment, clowns and more!

UGlu®: Your Secret Weapon for Amazing Costumes

UGlu® is a removable adhesive glue in a convenient tape-like format. It’s non-toxic, acid-free, weather-proof and waterproof. UGlu® comes in a variety of shapes like adhesive squares/dashes, strips and rolls.

Although UGlu® is great for creating amazing balloon and party décor, it’s also a powerful tool for creating and customizing costumes, accessories, props for cosplay and stage sets, professional clown outfits, and more!

UGlu® attaches easily to a wide variety of surfaces, including rough or uneven surfaces, and removes easily and cleanly too – so you can assemble it, then disassemble if you need to.

It’s great for DIY costumes for kids and adults (especially last-minute ideas), but it works just as well for professional-grade costume and prop work for cosplay, historical re-enactment, renaissance faires, film, theater and more. UGlu® is a costume tape that is safe enough for kids to use, but powerful enough for professionals.

Want to see just how powerful UGlu® is? Check out our Twist To Remove demo video:

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Pro Gaff® in Fluorescent Colors

Our popular Pro Gaff® tape comes in five fluorescent colors that are UV-light reactive. Pro Gaff® is highly conformable to irregular surfaces, removes cleanly, is hand-tearable, and write-able with markers and pens.

Use it to decorate scenes, props and even embellish costumes for a unique look (maybe a Tron cosplay, anyone?)

Pro Glow Gaff®

Pro Glow Gaff® has all the same properties as Pro Gaff®, but it also glows in the dark! You can create unique glowing looks for scenes, props, and costumes, but it’s also great for safety marking stairs, exits and more.

Pro Gaff fluorescent colors and Pro Glow Gaff

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