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Hey Tape-ies!

Let’s get inspiring. This is no ordinary blog. Here at Crafters Corner we primarily focus on How to’s, DIY’s, crafts, art pieces, tips & tricks, etc. all using the “tape on” or “tape off” concept: tape is either used as a marking/masking only tool and removed from final design or present for design/function/assembly.

At Crafters Corner anyone can be a crafter--a maker, a Do-IT yourselfer. We want to inspire the “un-crafty”, the last minute planner, the family, the office, the teacher, the community, etc., because crafting is not limited to any one audience. So say…YES I CAN! At Crafters Corner you can express yourself freely; feedback and comments are encouraged! So come on everyone! What are you waiting for? Embrace your creative side. We’ve made it easy to be a “crafter”!

copper foil simple circuit craft

STEM Crafts: Simple LED Circuit Project using Pro® 882L Copper Tape

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education’s objective is to create critical thinkers. As parents, we can help our children develop a better understanding for advanced engineering concepts with fun and easy projects. Read on to discover one easy experiment using our Pro® 882L Copper Foil Tape!

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valentines day DIY jewelry box tape craft

DIY Jewelry Box with Pro® Felt Tape

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a time when many people stress out over getting their loved one the perfect romantic gift. But honestly, sometimes the best gift is something simple that you put just a little sweat and elbow grease into!

Today we’re showing you how to make a simple DIY jewelry box Valentine’s Day craft, using some of our wonderful tapes, including: Pro® Felt, Pro® Sheen, and Pro® 965. This Valentine’s Day craft is easy for all ages, although we’d recommend supervising and assisting any children on cutting steps.

The finished Valentine's Day Jewelry box!
The finished Valentine’s Day Jewelry box!
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jlar frame art blog header v1

New Year’s Resolution Frame Art with Pro® JLAR II

What’s a great way to remember your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions and save money by creatively DIY-ing your own décor instead of splurging on new swag?

By killing two birds with one stone and making this trendy framed artwork with your own customized text, using Pro® JLAR II (Clear to the Core tape) and a couple of UGlu® Dashes!

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spellbook craft magic header image

Create a Magical Glowing Spellbook using Pro Tapes®!

Have you got some old books laying around? Want to decorate for Halloween with a witchy, magical theme? Or have you got a costume or cosplay outfit that needs a spellbook as the finishing touch? Look no further – we’ve got the perfect easy & quick way to create your own spellbook craft using our fabulous Pro Tapes® products!

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