3 Things I Look for in a Pro Tapes® Candidate

The job market is crazy these days! Employers are finding it difficult to fill open positions with qualified candidates, yet qualified candidates are having a challenging time getting interviews, and everyone is frustrated. 

What do we look for in a candidate at Pro Tapes®?

When I am interviewing a candidate, these are the three things I look for, regardless of the role:

#1: Commitment

Our customers are counting on us, and if we are short-staffed, that means we can’t get product out the door and we are letting them down. 

#2: Motivation

In order to continue to grow our business, we need employees who are self-motivated, excited to learn, and want to grow with us.  We have many advancement opportunities, and I like to see employees who take advantage of that.

#3: Teamwork

There isn’t any role at Pro Tapes that does not require some level of teamwork, so much so that it is one of our Core Values.  If you cannot effectively work with others, then you won’t be successful at Pro Tapes®.

Once I am confident that a candidate demonstrates these qualities, then I explore role-specific skills and accomplishments. After all, a strong foundation is necessary to build and grow successfully!


If this sounds like an environment you would thrive in, please reach out to us at hr@protapes.com.

3 Ways Pro Tapes® Supports Learning & Development

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

In today’s high tech, fast-changing world, learning and development are essential to stay competitive. This applies whether you’re at work or at home. Think about the last update for your phone and you will realize just how important learning and adapting are! 

At Pro Tapes®, we provide learning opportunities for our employees based on the position they are currently in, the position they aspire to, and any other skills they would like to learn to better themselves. Today, we’ll share a few examples of how we support learning at Pro Tapes®.

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Three Ways Pro Tapes Gives Back to the Community

We all know that giving back to our communities and helping people in need is important as a society. But how do we make it a priority?  Is there ever enough time with work, raising kids, family obligations, etc.?  At Pro Tapes®, we have developed a program that makes it easy for our employees to give back, when and how they would like to.

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What no one tells you about your first job

What No One Tells You About Your First Job

Got your first job? After graduating from college, you might think you’ll need to remember everything that was taught to you. First of all, that is simply impossible to do. Second of all, what you learned won’t always apply to solving problems at your first job.

I’m Van, the Lead Generation & Business Development Analyst here at Pro Tapes®. As of writing this blog, I’m officially 7 months into my role. With that said, I want to give you some of my strategic tips for being successful at your first job.

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