Sasan Nasernia’s Calligraphic Visions in Tape

Artist Sasan Nasernia was born in Tehran and now lives in Vancouver. A long-time fan of Pro Gaff® (we even have prints of his work hanging in our headquarters!), he has also long been interested in developing his own form of calligraphy and a personal visual lexicon.

Learn more about his artistic practice below, which includes print making, painting, digital art, and of course: tape!

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Sinergia.Art Uses Pro® Artist Tape to Create Mind-Bending Optical Art

Murilo Cenovicz, known as Sinergia.Art on social media, makes mind-bending optical art using Pro® Artist Tape. Hailing from Brazil, this Portuguese-speaking ophthalmologist-turned-tape-artist tells us the meaning behind his name and what inspires his geometric art practice.

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