Archival picture framing

Archival Picture Framing: The Top 3 Tapes You Need

Archival picture framing is the best means to protect valuable original art, prints, posters, photographs, certificates, diplomas, sports memorabilia, and more.

As a custom picture framer, there are many things to consider to ensure your custom framing work meets archival standards. The goal is not only to make the client’s art or memorabilia look good; it must also be preserved and protected.

Archival custom picture framing is achieved by using inherently acid-free materials. You must also consider sealing the frame to prevent any dirt or dust from entering.

  • What type of glass should you use? Silicate or acrylic? You want to use a glassing with UV filtering.
  • What type of frame? Metal or wood?
  • Should you use decorative, conservation or museum grade mat board?
  • What type of hardware and hanging systems should you employ?
professional picture framers need high quality tapes

On top of discussing these options with your client, you must also educate them on how to properly store their framed work. Remind clients to:

  • Store their framed piece away from intake or outtake vents
  • Be aware of swings in temperature and humidity where the framed piece will be displayed
  • Keep the framed piece away from direct sunlight

Pro Tapes® can help you with the critical art of archival picture framing. Below, we’ll take a look at three tapes that can help you create archival framing.

For Permanent Picture Framing Solutions

Pro® 410 ATG is the ideal pH Neutral adhesive transfer tape to use for permanent bonding. It can be applied by hand or via dispenser gun.

Pro® 410 ATG has a double coated tissue carrier with an acrylic adhesive. The solvent based acrylic adhesive won’t yellow over time. It has excellent resistance to ultraviolet light.

At 89 oz per inch, it is super strong and ideal for object or memorabilia framing. It is also great for mounting artwork, attaching dust covers and adhering mats.

It’s a highly versatile product and can adhere to a wide variety of substrates such as cloth, paper, vinyl, rigid and flexible plastics and more.

Pro Fillet Tape is perfect for fillets, slips, and other framing needs

For Fillets, Slips and More for Picture Framing

Pro® Fillet Tape is the go-to adhesive tape to adhere to the backside of fillet or slip.

The premium grade polyester carrier and acrylic adhesive are highly resistant to ultra violet light.  The solvent based acrylic adhesive is pH Neutral. 

Pro® Fillet Tape’s high tack was designed to adhere to metal as well as wood. It’s a fantastic product for creating decorative linings and increasing the depth between the artwork and the glass.

Pro Artist Tape in White is perfect for picture hinging for framing

For Hinging the Work to be Framed

Hinging is the process of mounting artwork by suspending it with tabs of tape. Professional picture framers love to use our Pro® Artist Tape for hinging, and here’s why:

Pro® Artist Tape is engineered with SRA technology (Synthetic Rubber Adhesive). This single sided tape is repositionable and removes cleanly. The White color in particular is pH Neutral and won’t yellow over time. It also will not stain or ghost after removal.

Looking for the right tape to suit your needs? Ask the Pros!

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