6 Framing Tapes a Professional Framer Can’t Be Without

As a picture framer, one is inevitably asked to frame a sports jersey, create a historical collage of a loved one’s personal items or some other type of memorabilia. Pro Tapes® adhesive tape products are indispensable in your framing tool belt.

1. Pro® Stitchery Tape

Our framer shown using Pro® Stitchery Tape to secure the sleeve of a jersey as he removes the tape liner to make the final bond.

Pro® Stitchery Tape to start with is 1″ and 1.5″ inch wide double sided tape, acid free and pH Neutral. Pro® Stitchery Tape features a high initial tack that won’t adversely react to most fabrics or mat boards, making it ideal for intended permanent mounting of sports jerseys. The width of the tape makes it much more compliant, the tape goes down easy & even, no fighting or wrestling with the fabric. I once had a European soccer jersey made out of synthetic fibers, now that was a fight!

Need pre-cut pieces? Then try our UGlu®….

2. UGlu®

Pro® UGlu being used to secure the inside of the sleeve to itself.

UGlu® has a fantastic non-toxic removable adhesive, once again, acid free/ pH neutral. The 3″x 3″ Power Patches is what you want to get, this is my personal favorite. It contains five 3″x3″ strips per pack of heavier double sided tape you can easily apply. UGlu® Power Patches can be applied by hand, and the adhesion is outstanding. UGlu can adhere to almost any fabric. For applications that require smaller pre-cut pieces use UGlu® Dashes, available 160 pieces to a sheet, the ½” x 5/8″ size is a very convenient time saver!

When it comes to narrow spaces try our Pro® Fillet Tape…

3. Pro® Fillet Tape

Lining the picture frame rabbet with Pro® Fillet for easy application of fillet to the frame.

Pro® Fillet tape is .5 mil thick and only ¼” in width perfect for fitting fillet to the rabbet of any picture frame moulding. The .5 mil thickness is more than ideal and will not ooze out from under the rabbet edge. Time is money and oozing caused from using the wrong tape can be costly in production time. Buy the right product once and earn your money back by being efficient in your production studio!

4. Pro® 154 ATG and Pro® 410 ATG

Adhering Pro® 410 ATG to the back of a mat board to apply foam core to level the back of mat surface.

Our world renowned Pro® 154 ATG has become the go-to product for professional picture framers. Pro® 154 ATG is a non-yellowing double sided tape and excellent choice for adhering mat boards together. For applications requiring extra holding power Pro® 410 ATG is your tool of choice. Float mounting, sports memorabilia and shadow box framing jobs are among the many applications calling for Pro® 410 ATG also known as “Strong ATG”.

5. Pro® 183 Kraft Tape

Utilizing Pro® 183 Kraft Tape to complete the wrapping of the frame job for that gallery finish.

When it comes to “fitting”, Pro® 183 Kraft Tape is your tool of choice. This light brown easy to use kraft paper tape is ideal for dust covers and has a clean gallery finish. Pro® 183 Kraft Tape can also be used to wrap and package your final product for an impressive customer presentation.

6. Pro® Felt Tape

Pro® Felt Tape being used here to cover the hanging hardware.

For final touches Pro® Felt Tape gives you an aesthetically pleasing look. At Pro Tapes®, We’ve been listening and a passionate few custom picture framers reached us with feedback and they cut tabs of Pro® Felt Tape and apply in the bottom corners instead of using rubber bumpons. You can also use 3″ strips applied vertically over the hardware for better adhesion and wall protection.

Please check back on this post continually for updates on framing tape instructional how-to’s and tips featuring step-by-step videos.

Pro® 154 ATG being adhered to the back of the frame for backing paper.Shadow box sidewall shims prepped using Pro® Felt Tape for aesthetics, speed and accuracy.After lining the picture frame rabbet with Pro® Fillet, the tape liner is removed for easy application of fillet to the frame.Pro® UGlu Power Patches a pH neutral, non-yellowing acrylic double face tape safe for use on fabrics.

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