5 Reasons your business should be using ProTapes Contract Converting Services

Material enters one of our converters

Contract Converting Experts

Companies can rarely justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on large capital investments, particularly when it comes to heavy machinery and equipment. Whether you’re launching a single new product or an entire product line, our private label contract converting services are unsurpassed. Learn why so many recognizable brands have already benefited from putting our 40 years of experience and cutting-edge equipment to good use turning their raw materials to finished products. Here’s 5 reasons you should too:

Raw bulk material to be converted1. ProTapes made the investment, so you don’t have to.
Why tie up your cash in expensive converting equipment? Over the past Decade,ProTapes has invested over $5 million in expanding our converting capabilities to establish ourselves as a cutting edge leader in contract converting, private labeling and custom packaging.
2. No need to add fixed, permanent cost to your operation.
In today’s ever increasing competitive landscape, customers are often here today and gone tomorrow. The last thing you need is to get stuck with thousands of dollars in fixed overhead cost associated with converting equipment you no longer need. By using ProTapes contract Converting Service you’ll never have to worry about machine capacity. Losing a customer is bad enough, you don’t need the added burden of having an expensive piece of equipment sitting idle.
Cutting-edge Converting Capabilities

Cutting-edge Converting Capabilities

3. Leave it to the Pro’s at ProTapes
There’s no substitute for experience. We have 40 years’ experience converting every type of pressure-sensitive material available. ProTapes has truly achieved “Master Status” when it comes to converting. Other converters typically waste raw material at your expense, our master operators know
how to maximize yields. We’ll turn what most companies waste into profit dollars for you.
4. Focus on your core products, let us do the rest.
Many of our customers are converters themselves. That’s right, even people who do this all day every day contract us to do their specialized jobs so that they can focus on their core products while sending the more difficult conversion jobs to ProTapes via our private label services. ProTapes can provide you with a cost effective, high quality Purchased Finished Good (PFG), branded and packaged to fit seamlessly into your current product line.
5. New ideas can be costly to Launch
We provide a complete line of solutions that can help take your idea from the drawing board to the store shelf in no-time. From prototyping & design, to custom packaging, to fabrication and laminating, we help turn your idea into a fully commercialized product in no time.
Bulk material shown being slit and spooled onto cores during the conversion processFinished converted goods shown being transferred for packagingOne of our narrow web convertersPrinted ribbon being spooled onto coresAnother of our wide web slitters converting adhesive tape

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