5 reasons Why Pro Gaff’s Synthetic Rubber Adhesive (SRA) Technology is superior to natural rubber adhesives

In the world of gaffers tape, not all products are created equal. For 40 years Pro Gaff® has been setting the standard and leading the pack. What sets Pro Gaff® apart from all other gaffers tape is engineering and technology…That’s right, there’s technology in every roll of Pro Gaff®! Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Technology.

Here’s 5 reasons why Pro Gaff®’s Synthetic Rubber Adhesive (SRA Technology) is superior to all other adhesives used in gaffers tape:

Pro Gaff uses our proprietary SRA Technology - Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

1. Removes clean
Pro Gaff®’s SRA Technology is specifically engineered to adhere to a wide range of surfaces quickly and aggressively, yet removes cleanly without leaving adhesive behind. Pro Gaff®’s SRA Technology is a “smart adhesive” because it’s designed to know when to hold firm and when your ready, removes cleanly without a trace of adhesive residue.
2. Works in all weather
Pro Gaff®’s SRA Technology can be applied in an extreme range of weather and temperature conditions. Unlike natural rubber adhesives, SRA is engineered to perform in a wide range of temperatures, from as cold as 45° F to as hot as 200° F, in rain or shine, Pro Gaff® gets the job done.
3. Resistant to chemicals & contaminants
Pro Gaff®’s SRA Technology is designed for superior resistance to chemical and other contaminants. In a perfect world you wouldn’t have to contend with the challenges of working in variety of environments, some more dirty then others. With SRA Technology, Pro Gaff® will provide a reliable working partner no matter how harsh (or dirty) the environment.
4. Ages well, remains stableSynthetic Rubber Adhesive is what makes Pro Gaff the top-selling gaffers tape
Pro Gaff®’s SRA Technology synthetic rubber which ages better then natural rubber adhesives. SRA technology holds stronger and last longer than natural rubber adhesive, with SRA Technology, you can trust that your Pro Gaff® will remain strong and ready for work, even if it sits around for a while. (Of course, proper storage is a must!)
5. Conformability and stability:
Pro Gaff®’s SRA Technology provides for greater conformability when working with irregular surfaces. It would be nice if you only had to gaff your cables to clean smooth surfaces, but real-world scenarios call for a product that can adhere to uneven and rough surfaces. With SRA Technology, Pro Gaff® will conform to most irregular surfaces, provide the stability you need and remove cleanly when the job is done.

For years Pro Gaff® has been the number one selling gaffers tape in the world, and now the secret’s out… it’s our proprietary synthetic adhesives used in our SRA Technology that sets Pro Gaff® apart from all other gaffers tape. Now that you know the difference, don’t trust economy-grade products using inferior natural rubber adhesives. Instead, trust what all the Pro’s trust: Pro Gaff®, every time!

Pro Gaff® isn’t our only product using our SRA Technology, you can check out all our products with SRA Technology here.

Pro Gaff isn't our only product with SRA Technology. The same superior Synthetic Rubber Adhesive is used in our Cable Path product..


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