4 Ways Pro Tapes® has enhanced our Customer Service

When it comes to connecting with our customers, Pro Tapes® has always been focused on providing world class customer service. For 40 years our service model has been to combine high quality products with outstanding service at fair prices. As our customer’s needs have changed throughout the years, Pro Tapes® has evolved in order to meet these ever changing service requirements. Our Customer Service Department has evolved along with our organization, from a department that at one time simply processed orders and provided delivery lead-times, to a full service Inside Sales Department. We are now staffed with problem solvers who are empowered to help provide our customers with application solutions by anticipating and addressing customer needs proactively.

“Customer Service is not a Department, It’s an Attitude”

We promote this attitude daily and with every customer interaction by focusing on

  • Customer service
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction

Meet our wonderful Inside Sales team. Empowered to help provide solutions to your tape needs!

Here are 4 Ways Pro Tapes® has enhanced our Customer Service:

1. Training & Empowerment:

Over the course of the past 12 to 18 months, we have provided our inside sales team with numerous training programs ranging from the basics of how adhesive tapes are manufactured, to very specific application and industry specific training. Our Pro Tapes® University Training program has provided our newly formed inside sales team with a great foundation to better provide application suggestions and solutions to our customer’s specific problems. Our training program has also empowered our inside sales reps to provide faster answers and product recommendations, cutting out the need to seek additional information from 3rd party sources.

2. Invested in new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software:

Our new CRM software will help our inside sales team become more familiar with our customers sale history and ordering patterns, which in turn will help us better anticipate our customer’s needs and service requirements. This will help us to enhance our service by allowing for inventory & forecast adjustments, so that the correct product mix is in stock, providing for shorter lead times.

3. Implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

There are various advantages to EDI integration and one of the most obvious benefits is the Automated Data Entry Process. It will shorten the order entry process, as well as reduce data entry errors. It will enable our inside sales team to focus more on pertinent sales related functions as opposed to manually entering and confirming purchase orders.

4. Enhanced shipment tracking:

Our new Automated Advance Ship Notice is sent out to our customers via email the day following shipment. The email notification will provide shipping related information prior to receiving a shipment which will then allow our customers to plan accordingly and prepare to accept delivery. This enhancement will improve the accuracy and speed of communication with our customers.

We are committed to keeping our customer’s needs and success as our top priority and look forward to building on this for the years to come.