4 Surfaces You Can Trust Pro-Premium Floor Tapes With

Pro Premium Floor Tape 3 colors available

Pro Premium Floor Tape

Your floors were expensive and protected by a clear varnish, but what’s protecting that varnish? Very little thought is ever put into the varnish, but when the varnish is compromised, the finished floor beneath it is left exposed to damage without protection.

Each time tape is applied and removed, your floor’s protective varnish system is weakened, and before you know it, large chips of the varnish will pull up with the tape. This makes it appear dull and worn as the varnish pulls away over time.

How do you know whether you’re damaging your floors or the varnish? Usually you won’t – until it’s too late. Instead, protect that varnish now from the harsh damage adhesives can do with Pro-Premium Floor Marking and Masking Tapes.

Our Pro-Premium Floor marking and masking tapes were specifically engineered to protect that varnish yet maintain a strong adhesion. Our proprietary “smart adhesive” holds strong when you need it, then removes gently and cleanly when the job through.

It’s the perfect balance to protect the expensive hardwood floors in your home, gyms and stages.

Pro Premium Floor Tape being applied

Pro Premium Floor Tape being applied

Gym Floors:
Most gym floors are put through the wringer. They’re used by hundreds of kids over the course of a normal school day for a wide variety of activities and sporting events. With each event comes the need to layout new boundary-lines or markings by using Tape. Pro-Premium Floor Tapes come in bright white and black, so your Lines are easy to see, or clear when you don’t want that unsightly cord or cable you’re holding down to stand out like a sore thumb.
Stages and Performance Spaces:
Stages are traditionally marked for performers to position themselves at certain targets with Spike Tape. This cloth-backed “Gaffer” marking tape is typically used for color-coding spike marks on stage. However, some stages need extra TLC.
That’s where Pro-Premium Floor Tape comes into play. While Gaffer and Spike Tapes will remove cleanly without leaving residue on your stage, they can be aggressive upon removal and take up chips of your varnish finish with them. With Pro-premium Floor Tapes, your varnish will be safe from the chips and peals that can occur when Gaff-Spike marks are removed.
Anywhere you need to run a cord over hardwood:
PA Systems, projectors, score clocks usually require a cord being draped near a high traffic area. In this case, you’re going to want to make sure the cord isn’t causing a tripping hazard however, you still want to protect your floor Pro-Premium Floor Tape provide the perfect blend of performance and clean removability, Protection against tripping and protection for your floor.
Pro Premium Floor Tape being removed

Clean and Easy Removal

At Home on Your High-end Finished Flooring:
The hardwood floors in your home need protecting to. Perhaps you’re painting your base boards or trim and need to tape off the floor for protection. Our Pro-Premium Floor Marking and Masking Tapes are specially design to protect your floors from the moment they’re installed.

Pro Premium Floor Marking and Masking Tape Available in Clear, Black and WhiteBlack Pro Premium Floor Tape  title=White Pro Premium Floor TapePro Premium Floor Tape applied over the same wood


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