Pro Gaff Chroma Green for film and green screens

4 Reasons Why You Need Pro Gaff® Chroma Green for Film Productions

Having Pro Gaff® Chroma Green on hand makes quickly blocking out unwanted seams on a production green screen easy and convenient.

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green is a matte cloth tape with a strong rubber based adhesive system. Its primary application is the invisible seaming of chroma-colored back drops and cloths for the film and entertainment industry. However, Pro Gaff® Chroma Green can be applied in the exact same ways as all of our other Pro Gaff® products, including temporary holding of light fixtures, wire and cable hold down, marking and labeling rigger equipment cases, dance floor splicing, and bundling cables.

Pro Gaff Chroma Green for film & entertainment industries - to use with green screens

Here are 4 reasons why you need to have this tape if you’re working with green screens:

#1: Highly Conformable

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green is highly conformable so it can wrap around irregular surfaces and still block out what you need to. Other green screen tapes are not conformable and are hard to work with, wasting more time and money than doing it digitally.

#2: Thinness of Material

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green is very thin. Having a thin and conformable tape equals less editing out of those tape lines created by foam-backed chroma-colored products.

#3: SRA Adhesive

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green has our “SRA” adhesive formula. Our SRA adhesive sticks to a wide variety of surfaces, but removes easily when you need it to. Pro Gaff® Chroma Green tape will adhere to fabrics, wood, metal, glass, and many other substrates, until you want to take it off.

#4: Hand-Tearable

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green is hand-tearable in both directions of the tape. You won’t need to stop and find scissors to cut your tape – just rip the tape at the desired size and apply. Another time and money-saving reason to use our product!

Features and Benefits:

  • No liner to remove. Easy, one-step application
  • Thin cloth instead of foam-based eliminates edges showing and the need to edit out
  • Highly conformable for covering irregular surfaces
  • No scissors or knives needed. Tear by hand in both directions
  • SRA Technology designed for clean removal
  • Pro Gaff®‘s matte finish absorbs light and has low reflecting qualities
  • No waiting for paint to dry – just stick it on and you are ready to shoot


  • High contrast for tracking markers to combine foreground and background images
  • Secure screens to most surfaces without tacks or clips for a wrinkle-free screen.
  • Pro Gaff® keeps most surfaces clean and residue free upon removal
  • Great for instant splicing seams using multiple screens
  • Easily repair rips and tears in a screen
  • Key irregular shaped and small objects quickly


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