3 Things You May Not Know About Tape

Today, I’m sharing some of the fun tape facts our new employees learn during their first days at Pro Tapes®!

Our new employees go through an intensive onboarding program, designed to make them feel comfortable with their responsibilities and provide extensive knowledge about the tape and adhesives industry.

Get a head start on that training by reading the blog below, and check out our Open Positions!

Some Fun Facts you may not know about tape:

#1: Tape has an expiration date 🥛

Unlike food, tape doesn’t grow mold when it passes its expiration date, but it does become less tacky (or sticky), so it won’t perform as intended.

#2: Tape starts off as one huge roll 🤯

When tape is manufactured, it is placed on gigantic rolls (called log and pony rolls), which are then cut down to size based on demand and customer orders. This is where Pro Tapes® excels! We provide a wide variety of manufacturing and converting solutions. Check out our Virtual Tour to see all the cool

#3: Weather has an effect on tape ⛈️

If the environment is too humid, some tapes’ ability to adhere to surfaces is in jeopardy.  If it’s too cold, the tape could lose its overall tackiness.  You’ve got to be like Goldilocks: store your tape in a place that’s just right, or the tape won’t perform as expected.


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