3 Reasons Pro® 46 is NOT Like Any Other Masking Tape

Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape is an economical crepe paper tape with rubber adhesive. It’s been engineered for maximum performance with excellent adhesion and easy release from most surfaces. Here are three reasons why Pro® 46 is not like any other masking tape and a must add to your arts and crafts or classroom supplies!

1: Color Variety

Pro® 46 is available in 12 brilliant colors to add that creative flare to any art piece.

Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape is available in 12 different colors: yellow, white, pink, black, red, orange, green, light green, blue, light blue, purple and grey. Not just a plain natural, tan or white color like most other masking tapes. Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape is regularly used in art work to captivate audiences by incorporating colorful schemes. Assortment of colors can give an artist many choices to enhance a masterpiece. Vibrant colors are wonderful for embellishing party decorations. The various colors will add enthusiasm to your envelopes, scrapbooking and card making. It’s great for mounting or edging of artwork and providing a colorful flare.

2: Highly Versatile

Our colored masking tape is flexible and conforms easily to irregular surfaces.

Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape is absolutely superb at resisting solvents and oils. Colors resist bleeding, so you don’t have to worry that your creations will be ruined. It’s an ideal tape for flexographic printing or one can easily just write on it! Pro® 46 is flexible on most irregular surfaces such as reefs and sculptures, crevices on walls and ridges on aluminum cans. It’s also used as an alternative to spray paint in street art. Transform the perception of any given space with funky and creative installation art. It’s an excellent choice since it can be removed cleanly from most surfaces.

3: Kid & Classroom Friendly

Pro® 46 is fun... Write on it, decorate with it & easily remove it!

Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape conforms to ASTM D-4236 and does not contain heavy metals. This colored masking tape can easily be torn with your hands or be used in a tabletop dispenser. Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape can be used to style up bookshelves, storage and play areas. It’s a wonderful choice to hang notifications on walls. Great for labeling and identification of books, desks, cabinets, vases, poster boards, white boards, black boards, rulers, clipboards, calculators, staplers, pens, pencils and notebooks. The various colors can be used to color code and teach students organizational skills. Good for packaging, bundling, holding and binding – It’s a better alternative than boring clear tape for gift wrapping.

Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape is easy to work with and is effortlessly hand tearable.

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