3 Must-Have Tapes For Your Spring & Summer Celebrations

At Pro Tapes®, we want to help make your special celebrations ones to truly remember – for good reasons! We want your event planning and party setup experience to be simple, easy, and effective. That’s why we we’re highlighting the three tape products you MUST HAVE in your toolkit for all your Spring & Summer celebrations, whether it’s graduation, weddings, birthdays, and more!

Celebrate with UGlu® – The Double-Sided Tape for Any Occasion

It’s the season for graduations, weddings, Summer birthdays, and gathering our friends and family for safe outdoor cookouts! What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful balloon arch?

Balloon arches are a great way to celebrate graduations weddings and other parties in the spring and summer

The secret to a beautiful (and stable!) work of balloon art is UGlu®. UGlu® is non-toxic and acid free. UGlu® bonds instantly, with no drying or “curing” time.

Each balloon in your balloon arch or arrangement can be held strategically in place by a nearly-invisible strip or dash of UGlu®. You’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to assemble any balloon arrangement using UGlu®! It attaches to most surfaces, so use it to secure your balloon arrangement to a table, a wall, wherever – without damaging surfaces!

Conveniently made in several different sizes, roll form, sheets, contractor packs and even our recently launched Dispenser boxes, you’re sure to find the right size and shape of UGlu® to fit your event planning needs!

UGlu comes in many sizes and styles including our new dispenser boxes which make assembling balloon arrangements and party decor easy

You can use UGlu® for so many other things too, such as:

  • Assembling centerpieces for tables
  • Decorating graduation caps and costumes (UGlu® is safe on fabric!)
  • Arranging faux or real flower bouquets
  • Securing table cloths and other furniture coverings
  • Hanging up signs and other décor

Celebrate Big or Small with Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus

Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus saves space, time, and is great to have on hand for concealing wires or covering tripping hazards. If you are a wedding planner, photographer, or DJ, this product will make your life a little easier!

We’ve worked closely with the Arts & Entertainment industry over many years, innovating adhesives specific to theaters and entertainment venues. That’s why Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus is designed to remove cleanly from your surfaces, leaving no sticky residues behind!

Secure cables for DJ audio boards and other sound camera and lighting equipment with Pro Gaff Pocket Plus

Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus is a matte cloth tape on a conveniently small core (that is, you can hold the whole roll in the palm of your hand!) This tape can fit in your pocket easily, as well as your tool kits and belts. Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus is available in black, white and grey, making it easy to blend in with equipment and many surfaces.

Our Pro Gaff Pocket Plus rolls are perfect for taping down cables and labeling for event planning

Pro Gaff® is also available in our classic larger rolls with 20 designer colors. They can be used to label equipment cases, splice dance floors, and more. The high visibility fluorescent colors are great for marking floors and walls with safety signs, too!

Other ways you can use Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus:

  • Labeling cameras
  • Bundling and taping down DJ Cables
  • Labeling audio boards for DJs
  • Adding signs and decorations to dance floors
  • Securing decorations
  • Labeling decor before setup and during clean-up

Celebrate & Dance Without Fear – Pro® 500B is Here!

Rolling out a wedding runner, red carpet or temporary dance floor? Pro® 500B is the premier product that works perfectly for any floor or carpet hold-down for your celebration!

Secure carpets like this white wedding runners with Pro 500B tape

Pro® 500B is double coated cloth tape with an extremely aggressive adhesive, designed for carpet hold-down and residue-free removal.  Its high grade silicone coated polyethylene release liner makes it easy to unwind and tear by hand.

Pro® 500B adheres to a wide variety of surfaces including carpets, concrete, wood, plastic, glass and dry wall. It removes cleanly in most cases (we suggest testing on a small, inconspicuous area prior to applying.)

Pro 500B tape secures temporary carpets and dance floors


Looking to learn more about these products? We’ll be more than happy to help! You can reach out to us any time at sales@protapes.com.

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