3 Benefits That Make Pro® EHB Tapes a Game Changer in the Double Coated Tape World

Tape replacing screws? You wouldn’t think it is possible. Advancements in adhesive technology has made it a reality. Pro Tapes® EHB (Extreme High Bond) Tapes offer creative solutions to many fastening challenges.

One example of this early on was in the beverage industry. EHB tape was used to replace screws and rivets in the manufacturing of beer bottle delivery trucks. The beer manufacturers were getting an average of about 12-15% breakage of bottles when delivering the beer because of rattling of the bottles on rough roadways, bumps and everyday driving. Once all the fastening was replaced with the double coated acrylic foam tapes it knocked the breakage down to 1-2% on average… quite a savings!

The advantages with the tape was it absorbed shock much better than other fasteners would. The foam structure of the tape would expand and contract allowing the panels of the truck movement where nuts, bolts or rivets would not. They also worked as sound dampeners to cut down on noise/rattling.

3 benefits that make EHB tapes a great alternative to traditional fasteners

1: More Cost Effective

Pro® EHB tapes can help cut costs in assembly without sacrificing performance demands. Industries like automotive, appliances, electronics, packaging and transportation are all replacing nuts, bolts, screws and rivets with these tapes. These tapes can resist high temperature extremes, reduce product weight or size while delivering better durability than other fastening methods.


2: Easier and More Aesthetically Pleasing

Pro® EHB tapes are easier to and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You won’t see the tape the way you would nails, screws and rivets. The high performance acrylics can be used outdoors with temperatures ranging from – 40°F to 400°F. These tapes have moisture stable liners and can be easily die-cut or slit to custom sizes to fit every need.


3: A variety of colors, grades and thicknesses

Pro® EHB tapes come in a variety of colors, grades and thicknesses. They combine high adhesion with great shear and stress relaxation while maintaining extremely high holding power. They can perform on irregular or curved surfaces and absorb shock, as well as noise, while maintaining high bond strength.

If you have bonding or fastening applications that require a permanent bond, there are many options. Consider a test of Pro® EHB tapes by requesting more information below. Samples are always available to you at no charge!