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Pro Gaff® DIY Halloween Candy Bowls

Halloween is creeping up fast! It’s time to get your treats, the house, or even the office Halloween ready! Do you remember those old vintage paper-măché pumpkins? They were made for collecting treats and holding candles as decoration. Using the vintage pumpkins as my inspiration, I decided to create some fun candy dishes in different Halloween creatures. I was inspired by Pro Tapes® to make my own in a unique, different way. As I was looking at my stash of Pro Gaff®, I thought why not use the tape directly? I really wanted to challenge myself and the tape, so I set out to see if it could be done. I realized tape was definitely the better way to go for this project, opposed to the typical way of creating a papier-măché with the messy water, glue, paper and paint, not to mention, the dreaded drying time. Substituting all of that with Pro Gaff® tape was a win! Continue reading

3 Benefits That Make Pro® EHB Tapes a Game Changer in the Double Coated Tape World

Tape replacing screws? You wouldn’t think it is possible. Advancements in adhesive technology has made it a reality. Pro Tapes® EHB (Extreme High Bond) Tapes offer creative solutions to many fastening challenges.

One example of this early on was in the beverage industry. EHB tape was used to replace screws and rivets in the manufacturing of beer bottle delivery trucks. The beer manufacturers were getting an average of about 12-15% breakage of bottles when delivering the beer because of rattling of the bottles on rough roadways, bumps and everyday driving. Once all the fastening was replaced with the double coated acrylic foam tapes it knocked the breakage down to 1-2% on average Continue reading

Team Members Tell All, Read to Learn More About Our Great Pro® Employees

Get to Know Us Better

Since 1977, Pro Tapes® has provided high quality tape products and solutions to clients in the USA & around the world. We are committed to providing the best customer service and support in the industry. Our years of knowledge in the converting and packaging of pressure sensitive adhesives provide a unique experience to your sourcing needs. We strongly encourage the opportunity to educate you on our capabilities by coming to meet our team and tour our facility in person, you will not be disappointed!

In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about our dynamic team of intuitive thinkers comprised of key individuals across departments. Our solutions team is hard at work to deliver customized answers to your challenging issues no matter how big or small. Continue reading

3 Reasons Pro® 46 is NOT Like Any Other Masking Tape

Pro® 46 Colored Masking Tape is an economical crepe paper tape with rubber adhesive. It’s been engineered for maximum performance with excellent adhesion and easy release from most surfaces. Here are three reasons why Pro® 46 is not like any other masking tape and a must add to your arts and crafts or classroom supplies! Continue reading