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ProTapes & Specialties is a tape manufacturer and supplier. For nearly 40 years we’ve produced our own quality products in addition to being contracted to improve productivity and profitability with our converting, supply chain and inventory management solutions for some of the most well-known brands in adhesives.
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Pro Pocket Glow Dots Tape

Pro Pocket Glow Dots is a 1” wide roll of 1/2” wide die-cut glow dots tape conveniently packaged “retail ready” with clamshell pack and hang-tab.

Pro Pocket Glow Dots Retail Clamshell Pack can be used for stage blocking and spiking, set and stage decoration, arts and crafts and party decorations. Pro Pocket Glow Dots is designed for indoor safety and egrass marking tapes and signage. Pro Pocket Glow Dots is used to mark stages for placement of scenery. Pro Pocket Glow Dots is also used for marking exits in dark areas and to mark light switches. Pro Pocket Glow Dots photoluminescent film light source is designed to absorb energy from any nearby ambient light such as fluorescent lamps or sun-light. There is no limit to the number of times Pro Glow Dots can be recharged. When fully charged, Pro Glow Dots provides positive luminance for up to 10 hours.

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Used to spike stages for placement of scenery. Used for marking exits in dark areas. Flexible vinyl backing is conformable and easy to cut to size. Used to mark light switches. Lasts for up to ten hours before a recharge is needed.

Exceeds PSPA Class B standards


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Technical Specs
  • Backing: Vinyl film
  • Total Thickness: 15.0 mils
  • Temperature Range: -20°F to 220°F
  • Adhesion to steel: 96 oz per inch
  • Luminous Values (in millicandela per sq meter): 68.2 mcd/m² after 10 min
  • Made in the USA: Yes