DIY Tape Craft: Mother’s Day Glowing Flowers

supplies-for-mothers-day-tape-flowersFor this project I used 2 different types of Tapes, Pro Gaff Fluorescent colors and Glow Gaffers. Why did I choose these you ask? Because these products both illuminate, Pro Gaff fluorescent Gaffers glows via a black light. While the Glow Gaff will actually charge from any artificial and/or natural light and also react to a black light.


  • Fluorescent Pro Gaff
  • Glow Gaffers
  • Sticks
  • Planter
  • Floral Foam
  • Creative Imagination

Making the Rose

Step 1: Cover the sticks in fluorescent green Pro Gaff to form the flower stems.


Step 2: Fold small 2″ pieces into triangles then cut with scissors to round the edges. These are your petals.

Step 3: Then proceed to wrap each of these 2″ pieces around the stem one after the other forming the petals of the rose. The more layers the bigger your flower will become.
step-03-cut-the-pointed-edge-and-roll-your-petals-around step-03-roll-your-petals-all-around-the-stem

Step 4: Make Leaves by folding the tape over itself and cut out a leaf designs. Attach the leaves to the stem.
step-04-double-up-tape-and-cut-leaves step-04-attached-leaves

Making the Hyacinth

Step 5: Make 6” inch and 8” strips by folding in half long ways. I used the Glow gaffers for both flowers.step-01-cut-tape-to-6-and-8-inch-strips

Step 6: Fold in half again creating loops. These will be your petals.


step-07-keep-adding-your-strips-in-layersStep 7: Begin attaching them to the stem from the top down. Continue to attach the petals until your desire size is reached. As you approach your last 2-3 rows begin to use your 8” strips for wider circumference.

Put it all together

Step 8: Cover the flower planter in your choice of tape. I chose our newest color in our fluorescent line, fluorescent blue.

Step 9: Using the floral foam, arrange your flowers and decorate the planter however you like.

Hope you like this Mother’s Day project and come back soon to see more DIY’s with Tape in the near future.