Meet up with Pro Tapes® at GlobalShop 2018

Pro Tapes® will be an exhibitor this year at GlobalShop 2018 which is being held at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Visit us at booth #1843 from Tuesday, March 27th through Thursday the 29th, and learn more about our services and capabilities.

A Global Leader in Specialty Tape Manufacturing & Converting Since 1977

Supplier of Premium Tapes for the POP Display Industry

  • All Double Coated Tapes
  • Double Sided Foam Tape
  • Extreme High Bond Tape- replaces screws & nails
  • Permanent (2 sides) Double Sided Tape
  • Permanent-Removable Double Sided Tape
  • Removable (2 sides) Double Sided Tape
  • Double Coated Films/ Tissue/ Foams/ ATG Tapes
  • Foam Thicknesses Available: 1/32″, 1/16″, 1/8″, ¼”

Pro 410, Pro 410 ATG & Dispenser, Pro 970, Pro 5100C, Pro 3008 are just a few products for use on POP Displays, please contact us for details on the full line.

Custom Die-cuts

  • State-of-the-art die-cutting equipment
  • Individual pieces or roll form available
  • All materials can be die-cut into any shapes or sizes
  • In-house design & support
  • Large stocking inventory of in-house dies (avoid set-up fees)
  • Cost effective solutions that allow for easy assembly

We can print your company name or logo on box sealing tape!

Ask us about our custom printing services!

Pro Tapes® can slit any adhesive to the size you need to ensure increased efficiencies by saving you time and making the product easier for you to use.

Meet Pro® at GlobalShop
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We have a solution for all your tape needs, such as advanced converting services, new product development, custom die cutting, product finishing or packaging configurations and procurement or inventory management.

Your Global Partner in Value Added Solutions:

  • Improve product quality and performance
  • Make a product easier to use
  • Improve lot traceability
  • Lower minimum order quantity
  • Blanket orders with scheduled releases
  • Shorter lead time (More stock items)
  • Drop shipments

Pro Tapes® has eleven wide web slitting units of which six are fully automated. Wide web laminating up to three substrates 1800mm wide and narrow web laminating up to five substrates 300mm wide with full capabilities to slit, die cut or print product inline.

Held to the highest standards

We follow all industry best practices and are certified in ISO 9001 Standards, FDA Registered, GS1 Registered, IMDS Registered and EDI Compliant.



3 Reasons Operations Managers Should Partner With Pro Tapes®

An essential part of an Operations Managers job is to ensure that your production process flows in an efficient and effective manner. Understanding that providing timely delivery and high quality products, while balancing the need to maintain cost is no easy task. That’s why it’s critical to identify and partner with vendors who not only share your values when it comes to service & quality, but understand the problems that are unique and specific to each individual business. Uncovering issues, either in your production process, material flow or quality is the key to continued success, and working with a reliable vendor who can help furnish solutions to the problems that get uncovered is essential. Pro Tapes® has long established itself as a leader in providing our customers with practical solutions to their unique problems that help promote their success. Whether we furnish your pressure sensitive tape needs, handle complex contract converting or packaging/finishing projects, we can assist with improving your business.

Here are three of the top reasons you should consider partnering with the Pro’s® at Pro Tapes®:

1. Experience:

Pro® has been a global leader in the marketing and converting of pressure sensitive tapes for over forty years. We have grown to become the largest converter of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes in the world today.

Pro® has acquired a multitude of registrations, certifications & compliances over the past 40 years, making  us truly one of a kind.

2. Effective:

Pro® continues to invest in the latest converting technology to ensure we provide not only the best quality but also to:

  • Ensure repeatability and competitive pricing. All while maintaining ample converting capacity to react to any need.
  • Our 150,000sqft facility houses over 40 converting machines and stocks millions of sqyds in raw materials ready to fill your needs.

Pro® continues to invest in the latest converting technology to ensure we provide the best quality products and services.

3. Efficient:

Pro® has tailored its infrastructure and converting facility to exceed our customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable technical support, 24hr price quotes on non-standards, and rapid order turn arounds.

Pro Tapes® G&A RT 800-K wide web slitter features torque and speed tension control to guarantee the best rewinding quality poss from ProTapes & Specialties, Inc. on Vimeo.


4 Ways Pro Tapes® has enhanced our Customer Service

When it comes to connecting with our customers, Pro Tapes® has always been focused on providing world class customer service. For 40 years our service model has been to combine high quality products with outstanding service at fair prices. As our customer’s needs have changed throughout the years, Pro Tapes® has evolved in order to meet these ever changing service requirements. Our Customer Service Department has evolved along with our organization, from a department that at one time simply processed orders and provided delivery lead-times, to a full service Inside Sales Department. We are now staffed with problem solvers who are empowered to help provide our customers with application solutions by anticipating and addressing customer needs proactively.

“Customer Service is not a Department, It’s an Attitude”

We promote this attitude daily and with every customer interaction by focusing on

  • Customer service
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction


Here are 4 Ways Pro Tapes® has enhanced our Customer Service:

1. Training & Empowerment:

Over the course of the past 12 to 18 months, we have provided our inside sales team with numerous training programs ranging from the basics of how adhesive tapes are manufactured, to very specific application and industry specific training. Our Pro Tapes® University Training program has provided our newly formed inside sales team with a great foundation to better provide application suggestions and solutions to our customer’s specific problems. Our training program has also empowered our inside sales reps to provide faster answers and product recommendations, cutting out the need to seek additional information from 3rd party sources.

2. Invested in new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software:

Our new CRM software will help our inside sales team become more familiar with our customers sale history and ordering patterns, which in turn will help us better anticipate our customer’s needs and service requirements. This will help us to enhance our service by allowing for inventory & forecast adjustments, so that the correct product mix is in stock, providing for shorter lead times.

3. Implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

There are various advantages to EDI integration and one of the most obvious benefits is the Automated Data Entry Process. It will shorten the order entry process, as well as reduce data entry errors. It will enable our inside sales team to focus more on pertinent sales related functions as opposed to manually entering and confirming purchase orders.

4. Enhanced shipment tracking:

Our new Automated Advance Ship Notice is sent out to our customers via email the day following shipment. The email notification will provide shipping related information prior to receiving a shipment which will then allow our customers to plan accordingly and prepare to accept delivery. This enhancement will improve the accuracy and speed of communication with our customers.

We are committed to keeping our customer’s needs and success as our top priority and look forward to building on this for the years to come.


4 Valuable Distinctions That Will Help You Navigate Life’s Obstacles

Throughout your personal and professional life you’ll be confronted with a number of issues or obstacles that will challenge you and if you’re not careful, they’ll consume you to the point where you no longer feel you can function without them invading your every thought. Far too often we allow the everyday obstacles that life puts in our way to become larger and more daunting then they actually are. They steal sleep away from us at night, they rob us of our personal time with family & friends, and the take away our productivity at work. One of the more effective tools for limiting the negative impact that everyday issues can present is being able to master distinctions, the subtle yet important differences that often get blurred or overlooked when confronted by difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Here are 4 valuable distinctions that will help you navigate life’s obstacles:

1. Understand the distinction between what’s within your control and what’s outside of your control.

4-Valuable-Distinctions-That-Will-Help-You-Navigate-Lifes-Obstacles-2You can’t control the various obstacles fate has in store for you but you can certainly control how you react to them. Understanding that you can control how you perceive these everyday issues will help you better shape your reaction. Pause and take a few minutes before deciding your best response and don’t simply respond in a knee jerk manner. This takes practice, but is a very valuable skill to develop. You’ll find that your initial reaction is usually emotionally charged & negative, and when a bit of time passes, the event usually becomes less overwhelming and less stressful then it originally appeared to be. Don’t let your perception create an obstacle that doesn’t exist. Take a pause and imagine that the event happened to someone other than you, what advice would you give to someone else on how to deal with it? It’s funny how we often give better advice to our friends and family then we’re willing to give to ourselves. Time & control of your perception will make things less negative.

2. Understand the distinction between difficult and complicated.

Far too often we fail to take action because we feel we lack the knowledge, when in reality we often lack the discipline. A good example lies with the way many of us struggle with our weight and staying fit. There really is no secret to maintaining a healthy weight, it’s not complicated at all, although there are hundreds of different diet plans out there. Simply burn more calories than you consume and you’ll lose weight, but how many of us actually have the discipline to do so? Yes, weight loss can be difficult but it’s not complicated. Not everyone can complete complicated task like splitting an atom or performing quantum physics but anyone who is disciplined enough and willing to make enough sacrifices can accomplish things that are difficult. Don’t conflate a lack of knowledge with a lack of discipline.


3. Understanding the distinction between important and urgent.

We’re all challenged by demands on our time and learning the art of time management is a skill onto itself. However, understanding the distinction between tasks that are important and tasks that are urgent is essential if you want to find peace of mind and improve the quality & productivity of both your personal and professional life. Urgent tasks are tasks that are time sensitive, they almost always arrive in the form of interruptions to your otherwise well planned day. Urgent phone calls, impromptu meetings and emails often fall into the urgent category but are seldom important. These tasks do not necessarily consume extraordinary amounts of your time, nor is the effort required to complete them out of the ordinary but they usually force their way to the top of your priority list; whether you want them there or not. Important tasks do not always have a deadline associated with them, they are tasks that require more long-term planning and thought. Generally when performing important tasks we are less hurried, less reactionary and more rational. Working on relationships, exercising and developing next year’s business plan are important, but they’re not urgent. Understand that there are certain tasks that can be both urgent and important, such as filing your taxes, submitting your departmental budget, and putting out a fire (both literally & figuratively) is essential for good time management. Remember “what is important is seldom urgent & what is urgent is seldom important” so allocate your time accordingly.

4. Understanding the distinction between fearless and courageous.

I have often felt that one of the more “abused” pieces of advice given out to young aspiring professionals & entrepreneurs is the old “don’t be afraid to fail”, as it seemed to gloss over the very serious consequences that result from failure. I would strongly suggest that you should very much be afraid to fail, however, you shouldn’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying, important distinction! Failure comes with real consequences. People lose their hard-earned money, people lose their jobs, and people’s lives are often altered in ways that take years to recover from. But even in the face of all these consequences, I would still advise you to be courageous in your endeavors, just don’t be fearless. Fearlessness is a mental disorder, courageousness is a character trait. Fear, if harnessed, can be a great motivational tool used to drive you toward success. Fear needs to be managed & controlled, but should never be ignored. Enter into your business ventures with your eyes wide open, always be aware of the consequences failure will bring but confident in your ability and your plan, and courageous in your actions.

These important distinctions can become more clear and precise when we learn that it’s our own perception that is often times blurring the lines of contrast between similar things and keeping these lines visibly identified by controlling your perceptions is the key to successfully navigating the obstacles everyday life puts in your way.


Four Ways a Manufacturing Company Can Improve Cash Flow

Ask a savvy cash manager what environment in a manufacturing company is likely to result in the fewest cash flow headaches, and the response may be, “A stable 2 to 3% growth company with high gross margins relative to industry standards.” Why would he or she not choose a high-tech company, with double-digit growth potential? Could it be the constant drain on cash? Continue reading


5 Things Football Taught Me About Business

I was fortunate enough to be born with some size and a little bit of talent, which I was again fortunate enough to parlay into a football scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. Like most college students, I learned quite a bit in the class room. Some of the more valuable lessons I learned and carry with me to this day, however, I learned from being a member of a football team. I know there are a lot former athletes who have gone onto great individual success in the business world but to me the unique challenge is getting a company, made up of athletes & non-athletes alike, to function and perform like a championship team. Here are the 5 most important things that football taught me about business. Continue reading


A Stoic’s Approach To Business

Over the past few years I’ve dealt with several matters in my personal life that put quite a bit of stress on me. My mother’s progressing dementia led to the need to move her into a long term care facility, that meant my 82 year old father would be living on his own and in need of his own periodic in-home care, and if this wasn’t enough, I was now the primary care giver for my aging uncle who has no family of his own to look after him. help getting back to focusing on the businessDealing with 3 aging adults in need of different levels of care (and my time) who live in three different locations was beginning to take its toll. I found myself losing sleep, gaining weight and becoming more & more distracted from my responsibilities at work. Things had gotten to the point where my health was becoming a concern and I knew Continue reading


Pro Tapes is Taking Speed and Flexibility to a Whole New Level with its Recent Investments

Pro Tapes® most recent investments add a new level of versatility to our already formidable arsenal of state of the art converting equipment.

With our recent additions to our production line-up, our new G&A RT800 and ALS dual mandrel automated lathe slitter, Pro Tapes® is taking it to a whole new level of speed and flexibility when it comes to service and quality. Continue reading


4 reasons Pro Tapes® focuses on community

Throughout our 40 years in business, Pro Tapes® has always had a strong belief in social responsibility and maintaining positive relationships with the community in which we operate.
Our Community Outreach Responsibility Empowerment program (C.O.R.E), fosters an environment within our company that encourages our employees to do the same.

Here are 4 reasons why ProTapes is committed to being a community minded business: Continue reading

Business Insights From Your Game of Golf

Business Insights From Your Game of Golf

Golf is very difficult. In fact, the average score for decades remains at 100, even with all the advanced equipment and the interest in the game according to the National Golf Federation. Rounds of golf do commonly lead to networking and meeting potential business partners, but what business lessons can the game itself teach us?

Let’s play one hole and determine Continue reading