5 common converting problems Pro Tapes’ new RT800-K rewind slitter will conquer

Pro Tapes is continuously investing in state-of-the-art equipment to maintain its position on the forefront of the adhesive converting industry. We have some of the most technologically advance equipment in the industry and we’re very excited about our newest investment – our new RT800-K rewind slitter from Ghezzi & Annoni. It will change the game for our converting customers as the problems most others in our industry are burdened with become a thing of the past for Pro Tapes. This new RT800-K rewind slitter will address several of the biggest challenges in converting adhesives.

1. High minimum order quantities
IMG_3533(2)How many times have you come across a new business opportunity that requires a unique Non-stock size, only to find out the minimum order quantity (MOQ) you received from your supplier is sky-high, requiring you to purchases months’ worth of inventory. Most suppliers will force you to purchase the full Jumbo roll’s yield for Non-stock widths, forcing you to tie up thousands of dollars in unnecessary excess inventory.
Those days are over with Pro Tapes’ latest investment in slitting technology, the RT800-K from Ghezzi & Annoni. With the RT800-K’s flex-slitting width feature, Pro Tapes can automatically convert any jumbo roll into multiple finished width sizes during the same production run without costly manual adjustments. Using the same source (jumbo) roll, Pro Tapes can provide finished roll widths from as narrow as 12MM (1/2”) to as wide as 1800MM (70.8”) during the same production runs, avoiding expensive manual set-up times while providing lower MOQs.
2. Difficult to convert material thickness
IMG_3570Converters face a variety of challenges, particularly when it comes to the thickness involved with certain material. Too often a project is delayed trying to find the right converting partner who can accurately and professionally convert difficult to work with materials that vary in thickness. Pro’s new RT800-K can breeze through some of the most difficult material thickness from as thin as 15 Microns to as thick as 5 MM, the RT800-K is the right machine for your job.
3. Poor quality source rolls
IMG_3538A converter is only as good as the source roll material he works with, and nothing generates more quality complaints and production delays then poor source roll material. With Pro Tapes RT800-K, difficult to work with source roll materials are a thing of the past.
Whether your process calls for standard length Log Rolls or long length intermediate (pony) rolls, Pro Tapes new RT800 K will provide you with flawless source roll material. From Log Rolls for use on single knife slitters, all the way up to long length intermediate (pony) rolls with an 800MM (31.4”) outside diameter for use in die-cutting, printing or laminating jobs, Pro Tapes is your best resource when it comes to trouble free source roll material.
4. Uneven coating web profiles
IMG_3569One of the biggest nightmares a converter can face is an uneven coating profile. When the material thickness on one-side of the material varies too greatly from the thickness on the opposite side of the web, it’s next to impossible to produce finished rolls that are defect free. Often times the finished rolls gap or telescope to the point of being unusable. The last thing your operation needs are costly returns due to poor quality finished rolls.
With RT800-K’s state-of-the-art computerized unwind & rewind tension control feature, poor coating profiles are much easier to cope with. Computerized tension controls allow for unwinding tension to accelerate and decelerate as needed, leading to drastic reductions in waste and perfectly produced finished rolls.
5. Liner wrinkles, sags and puckers
IMG_3548One of the most challenging jobs facing most converters and manufactures is attempting to add a release liner or laminate a substrate to a wide web material. More often than not, the finished product becomes wrinkled or saggy and gaped by time the product is shipped out to the customer. Most converters won’t even attempt wide-web laminating, opting instead for the more costly method of narrow web laminating which adds the extra step (and cost) of having to converting the wide-web material into several narrow web rolls and then laminating or interlining from there.
With the RT800’s dual (upper & lower) Lay-On Rollers, wide web interlining & laminating has become a more cost effective option, while greatly improving the quality of the finished product by eliminating wrinkles, gaps & puckering.

Pro Tapes in conjunction with Ghezzi & Annoni will be holding an Open House June 13th through June 17th at Pro Tapes Headquarters in North Brunswick, NJ where our latest investment in converting technology, the RT800-K will be introduced.

If you would like more information about this event or would like to discuss a converting opportunity, please send an email to: sales@protapes.com